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How long does it normally take for proofs?

I feel like it's taking forever! It's been three weeks!

Re: How long does it normally take for proofs?

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    What does your contract say? It varies from photographer to photographer and also will be longer for wedding photos (more images) than for an engagement session. For wedding photos it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the season and the photographers workflow. Engagement and portrait sessions can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 
    Check your contract and perhaps send a friendly email to your photographer and inquire when the expected date it for them to be finished. 
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    We've had a nightmare.  married in nov 2009, still no album as of independence day 2011.  Guy won't return calls or emails.  We've actually started a blog in hopes of getting his attention.

    Good luck with it.  Stay on top of it. 
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    I give them out in 6 weeks and have that in the contract as well. Wehn you signed a contract was there a timeframe stated in it?
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    wow, pociljm...just looked at your blog about pete redel...i love your sense of humor but i am so sorry about your album.
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