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XP: Recommend a videographer for me--please?

Hi ladies!  I dont often post on these boards, but it occured to me that my wedding venue in the Lake George area could be considered central NY...  right?  So I hope you don't mind this post.  My name is Eeva, and FI and I are getting married on October 30th of this year. 

I'm totally debating on whether or not we can/should hire a videographer.  It's not really in our budget, but something tells me that FI's parents are going to offer to pay for one of our vendors.  I would love to have a videographer. 

Who is yours and how much was your package? 

The only one mentioned under "local vendors" by the knot has a $1500 package.  That's a bit too pricey for us.  :(
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Re: XP: Recommend a videographer for me--please?

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    Al Woodard is the bomb!! IF I were getting married in Albany I would totally hire him!
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    We hired Barry Sanders. Al Woodard is too expensive. Barry has a ton of experience and a full time cameraman. Check him out!
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