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Edwards mansion, Redlands?!?!

Anyone planning their wedding for this venue? Or is about to be married there soo? We're going to put a deposit down for this venue for our wedding in oct 2013, Is there anything I should watch out for!?!? Thanks in advance!

Re: Edwards mansion, Redlands?!?!

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    That was my first venue before my H and I changed our minds because we found our dream venue. We had a deposit down and everything. They seemed really easy to work with and willing to accommodate. I've been to one wedding there quite a few years ago. All I remember is that the food was good and they handed out drink tickets! lol.

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    All I've heard about this place is that it's like assembly line weddings.  The wedding party for one will be waiting for the next wedding to finish because they schedule so many events in a day.  One person told me all the gifts got lost at their wedding because they got moved with the wrong party.  It looked really pretty there, the price seemed great, and we were really considering this venue but changed our minds.  We just really wanted something more private.
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    My cousin got married there a few years ago and it is completely an assembly line for weddings! There were four scheduled that day! It was cray and confusing.
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    Hey Breleficent -- where did you end up getting married? I'm curious b/c I'm also considering Edwards but I want to know what you found out there that was better!

    I gotta say, the price for Edwards is unbeatable. 
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    I've been to a few weddings here and I agree with Linze, it's a wedding assembly line (I call it a wedding factory).  However, the price and it being practically the only nice venue in the IE make it a great deal, if you're ok with a stripper wedding happening right across the way!  (lol true story)
  • What is the price of Edwards and how much was your deposit? I Am getting married August 2013 and i have yet to find i nice venue at a reasonable price
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