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Still not sure about trying my DIY paper bouquet

So I opted to go with a paper flower bouquet instead of real flowers to save money. Flowers, in particular, my flower bouquet is not something that I feel is a priority and couldnt justify spending over $100 on my bouquet alone. So today at lunch I went to hobby lobby, got my materials to do this paper bouquet. . .


I got little lollipop sticks for the flowers, foam ball, glue and copious amounts of scrap paper (which was on sale). I still managed to spend $32. I already have the dowels & ribbon I need for the handle at home. Now I am doubting whether or not to go through with it because at $32 I'm questioning how much Im really saving versus the amount of time involved and what the final product will be. KWIM?

I'm hoping I over calculated how many flowers I will actually need to accomplish the bouquet and that I'll have enough material to do two bouquets. This will make me feel much better about it. I just find myself on the fence about whether or not to go through with it or just return the stuff, and buy a real bouquet. Im not worried about the final outcome. Im sure it will look great. I did some test petals with white copy paper at home and it was coming out nice. I guess Im just second guessing myself. (what else is new).
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Re: Still not sure about trying my DIY paper bouquet

  • I was questioning my decision to do my bead bouquets as well. Once I started it and have already put about 3 hrs of work into it and being no where near done ONE bouquet, I kow I made the right decision. Like you, I couldn't spend a crazy amount of money on flowers, expecially since I really don't like them to begin with. It may take awhile to complete, but I can't wait to see what all my, and FI's, hard work turns into.
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  • How big is your foam ball? I make bouquets for a living (fabric) and can give you an estimate on how many flowers you'll need based on the size of the ball.
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