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Baby checks...

I called them baby checks because they really aren't that exciting, except to me! I got my STDs printed, yay! It will be a full-blown check once I actually mail them. I was hoping to do that before Thanksgiving, but that probably won't happen. Oh well....

And, I decided to use old mason/canning jars for my centerpieces as flower and candle holders, and have been scouring craigslist and the flea markets for some good deals. I found a guy who had a bunch and sold them to me for a great deal! They are really cute, the old-fashioned ones with glass lids and the wire that snaps down to keep the lid closed. They are all different shapes and sizes; most are around the pint size, which will be good for flowers, and then I have some half-pint sized ones and even smaller, which will be cute tea light holders. And some big ones for bigger candles or flowers. I'll probably but some rocks in the bottom of them with the flowers and candles too. I've got about 60 now! I don't know why I'm so excited about them...I just think they are ridiculously cute.

I'll put pics in my bio when I can...

Re: Baby checks...

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