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I am looking for a venue and looking to have the wedding in September 2014. I know that is a month that Camp Kon-O-Kwee Spencer books weddings but when I called they said that they wouldn't give me any information until late January, which is when I wanted to have my decision made by... I am not sure if I should wait for their information or drop them from my venue option list. Does anyone have any ideas about pricing for booking the venue and such? Any help would be great!! Thanks!

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  • If your wedding is in September of 2014, you should be fine waiting until the end of January for pricing info. This time of year is when vendors usually change their prices, so any information that anyone here can provide is likely to be inaccurate anyways.

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    Well, I was looking to decide before the end of January so that when I go back for my last semester in college, I could focus on other things. But, I found a helpful person who told me the rental costs were around $2,500 for the place. However, I decided to knock the venue off my list because at this time, the venue does not allow alcohol. Hope that this basic pricing idea(even though, as the last post said, it will probably change a little) and other information can help someone in the future!!!
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