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Mediterranean Manor

Has anyone been to a wedding or other function there?

We're going to Mediterranean Manor tomorrow because they do all inclusive wedding packages pretty reasonably priced. I've been there before to get pricing & such, but wasn't impressed. I'm going to try to look at it with new eyes, but was wondering if anyone has any thoughts & opinions about the venue. 

My sister said she liked it at her cousins wedding, but she's biased because she wants me to get married on LI rather than our planned/booked DW lol (which we will be cancelling if we find the right local venue).

I don't really have the budget to be picky, but I want to feel like I'm making the right choice! 

Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Mediterranean Manor

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    I was re same way believe me!!! I looked every where well that was reasonable priced! We just booked med manor last week and they are asume! Talk to zoli he is great! We got an amazing deal and we couldn't be happier! I felt the same way but when your on a tight budget this place is really pretty! Also try miller place inn they do packages but I hated it there! Keep us updated! If you want to talk to me pm me
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    You've got a PM! 
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    I was looking at Med Manor because I love the idea of an all-inclusive package where I don't have to worry about all the little details. I'd love to hear your thoughts because I'm a little hesitant.. I'm a pretty simple person and just from the pictures it looks a bit flashy for me (if we weren't getting married in March and I was given free reign I'd go the more rustic route in a re-converted barn or something.. but who has time for that these days?!).
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