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What are you up to?

It seems there has been no activity on this board for more than a month!!! Woah!! lol!!

What are you guys up to? Planning wise? In you rlife in general?

I am still searching for a venue. :( I have a few prospects that I plan to persue in the next few weeks. Our original plan was to have all this irnoned out in order to put down some deposits next month. So, keep your fingers crossed that we can figure it out before then! :)

For now, I am just being a mommy. My kids went back to school last week, with my oldest starting middle school and my youngest starting Kindergarten. :( Also, I decided last week that I am not happy in my current job and am now seeking a new job!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Happy September! :)
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Re: What are you up to?

  • We booked the venue and the photographer and now looking for a DJ.  We have seen a couple but we can't come to an agreement so we are going to meet with a few more to see if it helps us choose LOL.  

    I'm def not happy in my job, but there are no teaching jobs around, they are so hard to come by, so I'm just grinning and doing my job LOL.
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  • RWS2011RWS2011 member
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    Hey bnorton and mpaone!  
    b, sorry you are having trouble finding a venue.  At least you still have a lot of time to explore, but I know everything can feel a bit up in the air until you nail that down!
    m, congrats on booking the photographer!

    Not much done on the planning front for me.  We will probably try to meet with our friend who is a photographer this fall and go over pricing and packages and maybe talk about an engagement shoot.  
    Also, I tried on a few dresses pre-hoped-for-weight-loss, just to get over my fear of not looking good if I didn't reach my goal weight.  I actually found a dress I really like, but it is way too soon to order.  They might not carry it any more when I am ready, though.  I was hoping to go to a larger shop and assure myself that there are other dresses out there that will look great.  We'll see!  Here's a photo:

    My kiddo started 3rd grade last week, and is loving it!  
    I am waiting to hear back from a nonprofit organization about an administrative assistant position that also works closely with volunteers.  I am super excited and hope I get the job! 
    ETA:  I was just offered the position!  I got the job!  :) 

  • We have the venue picked out but they don't book until later. 
    The church is all booked.
    Colors picked out. Even bought a few decorations already because there was a bunch of them at a thrift store. They had our colors too so I couldn't resist..
    No dress yet cuz I want to lose weight first!!!:D 
    Other than that we are both busy with college and working:) 
    Lindsey D. marrying love of my life 7.8.2013. Baby #1 on the way mid-October! (:
  • I went looking for a dress today just see what was out there that I could be comfortable in in this body just in case I don't lose the amount of weight I want to and sure enough I found one.  My mom loved it!  We are going back in two weeks with my dad for him to check them out and to also try on some more that I found online since I didn't print out the pictures before hand.  I think I'll be ok with ordering this far in advance.  I have exactly a year and a half and I won't have to get the alterations done until 3 months before so I figured I could always order the dress in a slightly smaller size because they only alter dresse no more than 2 sizes...so excited!!  sorry for the ramble!!!  just though I'd share!!!
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  • Well we have our venue and I bought a few decoration like matches and napkins with our names and dates. I'm going looking for a dress the 29th!

    I also got a few mason jars to decorate but need more for cocktail hour. I will post my diy projects when I start to finish tbethem! 
  • We're pretty sure we're going to have a Disney wedding. BUT they won't even sit down with us until 16 months before the wedding (December), and they won't book til a year out... So we're pretty much just playing the waiting game.

    Other than that, I bought my wedding shoes the other day!! :D Getting custom made converse! Hello comfy feet!!
  • We booked our venue about 1 month and a half ago but thats all we've officially done so far. I am waiting until January-February to start meeting with DJ's and photographers. For now i've just been doing a lot of looking online for ideas on decor and dresses!
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  • Well I bought my dress!!!  LOL and we just booked our DJ, just waiting to meet to sign the contract.
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  • We've booked our venue, and we'll likely go with their in-house DJ. We've also begun the process of booking the church. We've got the invitations (unprinted) and the STDs (printed), and some stuff for centrepieces. I don't go dress shopping until the end of November. Booked a girls weekend where my mom and aunt are coming to visit :)
  • So lets see a year and half out (well less) and I am on my A game! Venue check, Church check, Dress check, Florist check, Bridesmaid dresses check, DJ check.

    I think we know the photographer,limo, and hotel for after the wedding. My fiance just has to give the okay and then check check check.

    Haha I think I am a bit ahead of the game! But it feels good. How about the rest of you beautiful brides!
  • Wow! You are doing great! I have venue and coordinator but that's about it. Going dress shopping over Thanksgiving when my family is here. I am motivated though.
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