WFF is a Teddy Bear Toss?!

So I am reading over our planning guide that our DJ gave us and under the Special Dances section there is the "Teddy Bear Toss."  WTF is this?  I've heard some odd things on TK but I've never heard of this.

Re: WFF is a Teddy Bear Toss?!


    I'd never heard of it either, so I looked it up, and now I'm even further confused...apparently it occurs frequently at hockey games...?
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  • I've never heard of it either, but according to my friend Google:

    A fun activity that can be done either in addition or as an alternative to the bouquet toss is the teddy bear toss. This is especially fun for any children who have attend the wedding. Purchase special bears dressed in wedding outfits and then toss them to a group of kids. Don't be surprised if you find a few adults lurking in there trying to catch the bears for themselves!
  • *raises eyebrow* Strange.
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  • um... adult lurkers?  creepy.
  • Huh.  Thanks ladies!  I'm just glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of this.  I wonder if anyone has ever gone to a wedding where this has actually happened.  hmmmm
  • Nope, you aren't the only one. There was a girl on my June board who did this instead of the bouquet toss at their reception.

    I dunno, I had never heard of it either before TK. But these days, anything goes at weddings.
  • Hockey thing turned into a wedding thing, I guess.

    At hockey when your team makes the first goal, everyone throws a stuff animal into the rink... All shapes, sizes, and no, they are not all bears, lol.
  • Never heard of it.
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  • Yeah our local hockey team does this, I've never heard of it at a wedding.
  • I was at a wedding that did this.  They tossed a bride and groom bear for the girls and a Nerf football for the boys.  Then did the tradition tosses for the adults.
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  • Sounds like a great idea if you want a bunch of screaming children fighting over a stuffed animal...
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  • The wedding I went to didn't have that problem with the kids fighting over the stuff.  You definately need to know the kids at the wedding and how they respond to stuff before you do something like this. 
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  • My DJ offers a similar toss-- only its a 'bouquet' made out of candy. Just another marketing/money making scheme. I think it's silly. Never actually seen it done.
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  • I lived in Milwaukee for years and our AHL team did a Teddy Bear Toss...

    basically fans bring in teddy bears and on one of the period breaks they poss them onto the's a fundraiser for the children's hospital so they can give the kids a teddy bear if they are really scared, parent's aren't around etc....

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