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New York-Long Island

Silverfox photo and entertainment-Long Island

Hi all you LI brides. I was wondering if any of you have booked with/used/seen Silverfox Entertainment group (DJ). My FI and I met with some photographers over the weekend, and while at Silverfox we also met with the DJ portion of the company. We loved the guy we met with, it seemed like he had a lot of energy and great equiptment, and was offering everything we wanted. Plus, if we book photo and DJ with them, they work with us on the pricing and we are getting a pretty good deal we think. Thing is, I see tons of great reviews for the photographer, but haven't found any reviews about the DJ. Anyone know anything about them, someone who used them, reviews? Anything? All help is appreciated.
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Re: Silverfox photo and entertainment-Long Island

  • I booked their DJ. I did the same as you - I was there to meet with the photographer, and then also ended up meeting with the DJ.  Just after I left and I was driving home; I knew I didn't have to think twice and called him and said that I wanted him to DJ my wedding.  Took a deposit over the phone and that was that.  I was nervous as well since I hadn't read or seen any reviews.  Months later, I saw them at a wedding showcase and he remembered me from that little 1/2 hr meeting!!! I knew I met the right decision....I think a vendor remembering you like that is very important.  I felt the photography portion didnt try to win me over; I felt like just another client, where when I met with the DJ, I felt like I was their only client.  I went with another photographer, but if your gut tells you to go with the DJ - then do it.
  • Would you mind sharing pricing info or Private messaging it to me? I'm desperately trying to find a way to afford a photog/video/DJ nd have the venue I really want which is slightly over budget.
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    @StarIzInkd- I sent you the info. Hope that helps. @isadi- Thanks for your post. We booked the DJ and photographer because we liked the package deal they were giving us and I liked their work. When is your wedding? I'd love to know how the DJ works out for you and how they did.

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  • Hi ladies!! I have only heard good things about silverfox. I think they are a preferred vendor at my venue as well. Hth!
  • My wedding is Aug 19th...is urs before or after mine?
  • My wedding is not until June 29, 2013 so you are before me.
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  • We just booked them today for our wedding in September and I feel the same way, a little nervous. My fiance says that I shouldn't worry, because the guy is really entusiastic and cheerful but like you, we weren't able to find anything about them online and it makes me a bit anxious. We did book with their photography because we liked their style the best from what we liked, so we are getting a discount for the dj (our cocktail hour is free)

    Don't know if this helps at all. Just know that you're not alone. 
  • Hi, that did help. I'm glad that I wasn;t the only one who was relying so much on reviews. But after talking to the owner in the photography meeting, I felt assured that he wouldn't put the Silverfox name on something he didn't stand behind, considering that the photography gets great reviews. So we really liked the DJ rep we met with, Steve, mde sure to put in our contract that we will have him as our MC, and we also got the free cocktail hour deal. My fiance also said not to stress about it, he has a good feeling about them. So let's hope both our fiance's are right! Maybe some reviews will pop up somewhere, let me know if you find any. Good luck :)
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  • I did not like the packages they offered for photography and their work did not impress me.  My FI wants to meet with them for the DJ.  How is their pricing and are the willing to work within your budget?
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  • The DJ was within my bidget and was willing to work with us while offering the things we wanted. We got a lot of extras, but felt that their pricing was fair and they were willing to negotiate. I would meet with them and see what you think. Good luck.
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