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Happy Valentine's Day and 5 Months for July 14th Brides!

I love countdown threads - only five months for all the 7/14 couples! What are your next to-do's?

I need to schedule our pre-marital counseling. We found the place we want to do it, now it's just a matter of finding a good Saturday to do it. Other than that, I'm continuing on our invitations. They're never ending...
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Re: Happy Valentine's Day and 5 Months for July 14th Brides!

  • Yay! Somehow the 5 month mark feels much more exciting than Valentine's Day today.  FI and I also celebrated our 2 year dating anniversary yesterday. Fun times.

    What's next? We finally found invitations yesterday so we need to get those ordered. The next 2 to-do's are actually FIs: pick out tuxes and book the limo. Then... get ready for my bridal shower on March 17th! Booked my hair trial and makeup trial for my shower day so I look extra special. I also just found really cute personalized  thank you notes on Etsy this week for the shower. Registries are done so we're in pretty good shape!
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  • Awww the messages got eaten by TK.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I can't believe I'm 5 months out, the months are flying by!

  • Dang TK issues! I just basically said woohoo! time is flying
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  • TK is being wonky lately, but congrats to the July 14th brides, and Happy Valentines day everyone!
  • congrats july 14th brides!! can't believe you guys are already to the 5 month mark...so scary, that sounds like no time at all! for some reason, 6 months still seems like a lot of time, while 5....not so much! 
  • I think 4 months I might freak out lol.  I know my shower invites went out yesterday so let the registry stalking begin!!
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  • Yay for Valentine's day and for FI cooking dinner tonight!  It's also Arizona's Centennial...I feel like we should have the day off here. 

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  • I agree with Lady, 4 months sounds like a lot less time than 5! But still... I can't believe how fast time is going! FI and I have been engaged for 6 months already, crazy!

    We've still got a lot of little things to do. Tuxes, limo, hotel room blocks, order invites, hair and makeup trials, figure out linens, etc. etc. etc. Still lots to do! It will be here before we know it.
  • <3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    Today is our 1-year engagement anniversary!  I know everyone has told me that the time flies by, but HOLY SH!T they weren't kidding!!  Where did the past year go??

    Hope you all have a lovely V-Day!
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  • AHHHH FIVE MONTHS TODAY!!! FREAKING OUT! OMG it's going to say "4 months X days" from now on . . . Heart palpitations.

    k8888: Happy one year engagement anniversary!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2012-weddings_happy-valentines-day-and-5-months-for-july-14th-brides?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:066005ef-215f-48b1-8655-328b41e07c52Discussion:af06ec41-25e4-4c3e-bafe-1acd4202a132Post:74c29981-3e66-468b-a8a2-7c6b2421dce3">Re: Happy Valentine's Day and 5 Months for July 14th Brides!</a>:
    [QUOTE]AHHHH FIVE MONTHS TODAY!!! FREAKING OUT! <strong>OMG it's going to say "4 months X days" from now on . . . Heart palpitations</strong>. k8888: Happy one year engagement anniversary!
    Posted by bridetobe71412[/QUOTE]

    Haha now you just gave me heart palpitations - THANKS!
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  • Seriously I think my heart stopped beating.

    My next to-do is to stop being lazy and get to the freakin gym! :) Also, finalize the invitations with the designer...ugh.  We're meeting the caterer and our planner this weekend. Doing a run through, planning the menu, tasting cakes, etc. So much to do!
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  • I cannot believe its only 5 months away.  It went from feeling like it was never going to come and now, its right around the corner................ah!

    I second that, now to get unlazy and start exercising :(
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  • owengirl996owengirl996 member
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    YIKES!!!! Add me to the list of FREAKING OUT!!! lol

    I'm flying out to Indiana on Thursday (until Monday) to work on to-dos! I'm determined, at the very least, that flowers and catering will be booked by the time I get back. I'd also like to figure out wording for invites in the next two weeks so we can begin that. I'm thinking we'll put those together on my next visit in April! I'm also meeting with the wedding planner and going to my venue again to get some more decorating ideas. I have 6 pairs of shoes being delivered to my parent's house in Indiana, so I'm hoping to decide to keep one of those while there, also lol

    Soooo much to do! I can't believe we've been engaged for 7 months!
  • Skyjewell23Skyjewell23 member
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    Yay! 5 months!

    I still have to handle our honeymoon. I have promised myself to have it figured out by March 1st. I have to finalize catering still and order invitations.

    I have some smaller stuff to do still.
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  • 5 months!! Super exciting and scary at the same time. I just have some minor stuff to get done. Its amazing how fast time flies!
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  • Omgosh! I still have sooo much to do! The only thing keeping me somewhat calm is the fact the my bff & I have lots of planning experience & if we can plan a baby fair for 2500 in 4 months we can plan my wedding for 120 in less than 6. :) Happy Valentines Day ladies! Eric got me a kitchen aid mixer & I'm silly excited to use it! I also won tickets to the local bridal fair this weekend today! Woohoo! My girls & I had a pretty nice night tonight to since FI has to work. Everyones weddings will be here b4 we know it!
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