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March 2013 Weddings

Bride-to-Be Show

I went to my first bridal show today, talk about sensory overload! lol   I took my mom and we had a good time.  It was on the smaller side, which was good for the first one.  The venue it was held at was really nice and it's now one of my top 3 picks.  I have to make an appointment for my fiance and I to look at the top 3 this week (he hasn't seen any of them yet).  I think we should be putting down our deposit by the end of the week when we make our choice!  I'm pretty excited, but really anxious at the same time, because "What if something better comes along?"  I'm sure a lot of you are going through the same things and emotions...It's just so much to plan in a short period of time.  Oh, and Bed Bath & Beyond was there, and told me I need to start registering soon!  I was shocked by this since we aren't having the showers until January.  She said 6-8 months prior to the wedding date is the norm.  Is this true??  I tentatively planned a date to do it the begining of October, but I feel like I'm rushing on that one...any thoughts??  Undecided
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Re: Bride-to-Be Show

  • Bridal shows are definitely a bit of an overload, especially the first time! So many things in one place! Lots of good info, and good deals if you know you want a particular vendor.

    From what I've read, yes, the typical time to start registering is 6-8 months. I also feel like it's a little to early right now though. I'm starting to gather ideas for it now so when we actually do it I have a better idea of what we want so it doesn't take hours of wandering around the store! I think 4-6 months is more realistic personally. That way things aren't as likely to go out of stock before your wedding. The way I look at it, if we have it done before Christmas, maybe some people will buy Christmas gifts off that list :-)

    Personally, I don't typically buy gifts until the wedding is close (we're going to one on the 18th, still haven't gotten a gift) but some people buy earlier. Maybe someone wants to get you something in particular and get it before anyone else does. Other times people are going in on a gift so they need that extra time to figure out who is going in on it and how much money they have to work with. Or there are crazy people that just like to buy a gift way in advance, haha.
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  • That's neat that you got to go to a bridal show! How fun! But I'm like the others in thinking it's ok to wait on the registering. I don't have any experience with registering (and am not doing that now since mine's a renewal), but as a person invited to weddings and bridal showers, I tend to wait until the week of the event to buy a present. Maybe 2 weeks before if I'm super busy in coming weeks.

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  • How fun!!! Yes, there have definitely been times I'm like "should I have looked at more xxx before making my decision?' but I know I love everything I've choosen so I'm not going to look back and wonder 'what if?' =)
    We registered a couple weeks ago, partly because we are rarely in town together without the kids and because we're having a house warming/engagment party. We didn't register for too much, we don't need a ton, and just at Target because thats all we have locally. My family lives in the city so they're the only ones who would maybe check BBB.
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