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Travel Time Question

How far is too far for guests to travel between ceremony and reception? I am thinking about having my ceremony in my home town of Holland, but I'm looking at reception venues in GR. (About a 30 min drive) Is this too much?

Re: Travel Time Question

  • I don't think that 30 minutes is necessarily too far in and of itself, but I would try to think about if you could get a similar experience in locations closer together. For example, if you're looking a country club in the Ada area, could you find one closer to Hudsonville? Or if there is a modern place in GR (the Bob for example), I would think that Holland might have locations with a similar vibe. If you can't find anything closer together, I'm sure it won't be a big deal. I think that an hour is probably the max for distances. 
  • Yes, that is too much of a distance.  You could get more ipinions if you posted on the general boards instead of local.
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