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Has anyone been to a wedding or is having their wedding at Bridal Veil? We just confirmed with them and I am SOOO excited. It's beautiful and my FI and I are both so excited. I was hoping for advice on the venue or what people thought looked good, worked or didn't work!
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    I've attended one wedding there and worked two more- all were lovely!  It's a fabulous site, so congrats on that!  One bit of advice- stay away from stiletto heels.  The ground seems to always be soft there :)
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    Thanks! Yea I was thinking I will have to do some kind of wedge to get a heel going, I'm only 5'2 and my FI is much taller so I want to try and be closer to eye level :) but I may just change at the reception into a cute beaded sandal or flat. 
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    Hello!  My name's Jason Craig, videographer and photographer, and my company shot a wedding out at BVL last month.  It was absolutely gorgeous with loads of scenic shots for both photos and video.  Do avoid heels, as someone's already said, and be sure to get lots of use out of the canoes.  A beautiful bride, rowing across that lake, surrounded by nothing but nature, is one of the most picturesque shoots I've ever done. 

    Cheers & our best!

    Jason Craig
    Steady State Studios
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