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Has anyone here done it? Which trip organizer did you go through? How was your experience?


Re: Birthright

  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    I did... that is actually where I met DH.  I did Israel Outdoors and loved it, no complaints!
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    I haven't been, but I'm hoping to go after I convert.  MY FI and both his brothers have been and all had amazing experiences. One of his brothers works for UCF Hillel so he leads trips now and has been a number of times. He seems to enjoy it every time he goes back!
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  • Shasha3100Shasha3100 member
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    I did and loved it. I did it through Hillel. When I did it, it was only the second birthright trip ever, so I don't know how much has changed since then.
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    I did it and loved it! I did mine through Hillel but it was called shorashim. It is definitely a worthwhile trip- I would up going back the summer after I graduated through a program that we learned about while on Birthright. Do it!
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  • sgessner1228sgessner1228 member
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    I did Israel Outdoors, my sister did Mayanot.  Every trip visits similar sights (Masada, Dead Sea, The Western Wall, etc.) but there are aspects that vary trip to trip.  Try to go on a trip during a time when colleges are in session (if you are a young professsional).  My trip was mostly kids who were like 19 drinking for the first time (I was 24 at the time) and it made for a very different (and not too enjoyable) experience. 

    However, be forewarned, since the economy has been in the crapper this has impacted findraising for these trips.  My sister was waitlisted twice before she was able to go on (I went in the glory days of unlimited funding in 2004). 

    But if going to Israel is your dream, there are lots of (fully funded) ways to get there.

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    I went thru Chabad...the Mayanot trip. I'm told that Mayanot gets nicer hotel accomodations than the other trips (for whatever that's worth).  

    Birthright is amazing...I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which trip you go on, you will have a wonderful time :)
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    I went... once as a group member and three times as a group leader.

    In college, I went on the Taglit Birthright that most college kids go on.

    After college, I was a group leader on the JCC Maccabi tours.

    All of my experiences were amazing, even though we saw some of the same sites. I find the programing to be meaningful and touching.. even though at times there is some political stuff being stuffed down your throats.

  • sari5765sari5765 member
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    I loved it- I went on a Hagshama trip. It was very political (progressive).
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    Do any of you know of trips for older Jewish people who've never been to Israel? I heard of a trip that you pay a minimal amount ($400 or so) and still get the birthright experience. I'm 29 and my husband is 36 36 and neither of us have gone to Israel, but would be interested in going with a planned group.
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    i went with hillel at FAU
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