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New Hampshire

the truth about black flies??

hi ladies,

i'm looking for a wedding over memorial day weekend in the NH mountains, and have been warned (by the vendor) to not plan on having the ceremony outside because of the black flies, and to possibly not even consider a cocktail hour outside because of them.  i've wanted a mountain wedding but haven't spent much time in the mountains in the spring/early summer.

thoughts?!  really hoping we don't have to change our venue.
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Re: the truth about black flies??

  • Black flies are horrible, terrible, no good, very bad creatures.

    That said, I also have no experience in that area at that time of year.  I would honestly follow the vendor's recommendations - my venue had no pests in mid-June, but we were also told that both the town and the venue itself sprayed to keep the population down anyway.  If the venue knows they're bad at that time of year, I would listen; they're the ones most experienced with it.

    You could also try contacting other brides who have had their weddings there to get their opinion on what it was like, but you should also keep in mind that the populations differ from year to year, so if it wasn't a problem last year, it may still be a problem this year.

    Good luck1

    <I>formerly DrPB2b13</I>
  • I can't imagine Black flies would be a problem at that time of year, they're usually gone by mid-summer.  Deer flies, on the other hand would be killer!  Those suckers thrive in evergreen trees and are attracted by movement!
  • Do you mean memorial day?  If so then yes black flies can be REALLY bad in May/beginning of June.  I usually go white water rafting this time of year.  I always want to bring one of those hats with the net on it to I don't have to keep shooing them away!
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  • ahh yep, i meant memorial day (i always get them confused), May 25th. 

    it looks like we're going to stay with it.  apparently they are unlikely to go into tents?  gah!

    thanks ladies
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  • Yeah, May is a whole other story! 
  • BLACK FLIES ARE TERRIBLE AWFUL AND SWARMING in the white mountains in the spring. I went hikin in the whites in may last year (i usually go july-november) and I WILL NEVER do it again. But, that being said, it probably does depend on exactly what your venue is like. But that being said. I was wearing 100% deet and wearing a coat with the sleeves cinched down, the hood on and cinched down (and it had to be 70 degrees+) and I was still getting eaten alive. This was on the Tripyramids. Not sure where exactly you are having it, but I wish you the best!
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