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iPod help?

My FI and I are fed up with trying to find a DJ that will come out to our country wedding without asking for a ridiculous travel fee (I'm sorry, you live twenty minutes away and you want to charge 100 dollars for gas?!). It's either that, or they have terrible reviews. So, we're doing an iPod playlist. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that this is easier said than done. I know lots of people have done it, and I hear lots of playlist suggestions, but what I want to know is how it turned out? Is it worth it? Any hiccups? Did it totally ruin your wedding? Any words of caution? We're pretty set on this idea, however if anyone has any red flags to bring to my attention, we might suck it up and shell out the extra dough.

Re: iPod help?

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    I am thinking of the same thing and would love to hear input from folks. My main thought was that you would need a back-up in case one iPod didn't work. If you didn't have a DJ, you'd want the right equipment and someone to serve in the emcee role.

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  • I definitely thought about it, but we ended up booking a venue that comes with a DJ.  

    One suggestion would be that you would want a pretty responsible friend who is going to stay sober (at least reasonably sober) to operate the iPod.  You don't want it to be your job to run and jump to the next song.  

    Also, think about whether you're going to want to have someone make announcements.  

    I think it might depend on how big your wedding is (might not need announcements to a small group) and how important you think dancing is to your wedding (a DJ has the ability to tailor the play list as he sees what is getting people on the dance floor and what is clearing the dance floor.)
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