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Columbus Pro Dj vs. TEAM Dj

Does anyone have any pro / cons for these DJ's?? 
Columbus Pro DJ
We still haven't booked yet! 

Re: Columbus Pro Dj vs. TEAM Dj

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    I emailed both when looking for estimates and whether they were available on my date.  This was just before I went on vacation.  When I arrived back, my inbox was FULL of emails from Columbus Pro DJs and the last one said I was removed from their mailing list with this response.

    I have made numerous attempts to follow up with you after sending you the
    material you requested about Columbus Pro DJs. I can only assume you received
    the information and either are no longer interested or just not ready to get
    serious about your planning for this very important aspect of your wedding

    I found it to be rather forward and rude enough that I easily crossed them off my list of considerations.  Maybe I was just a little too sensitive but just passing on my opinion.

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    Wow, that's pretty rude!  You weren't being sensitive at all, that was just an @sshole thing for them to say.
  • csh96csh96 member
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    edited December 2011
    I was also flooded with emails from Columbus Pro DJs after I emailed to get a quote.  Also, when I stopped by their booth at the bridal show in January, the more the guy tried to tell us how they are not in sales, the more I felt like I was talking to a used car salesmen.  I also crossed them off my list.
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    I totally agree.

    Anytime I've attended a bridal show, I expect to get swamped with emails.  That's why I always set up a fake one before attending a show.  And I don't ever give out my phone number to ANY company anymore - wedding related or not - until I've decided to work with them.

    But a few vendors and 'vendor types' seemed to be the the worst offenders.  Photographers and DJs seemed to be the worst LOL.  Didn't hear too much from cakes or florists.  They just came across to me as desperate - or as csh96 said like 'used car salesmen'.  And I do remember getting alot from Col Pro DJs.
  • KellyRVTKellyRVT member
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    We booked Todd at Team DJ and are very happy with them. They do most of the major bridal events as the head DJ for the event. They seem pretty popular. JMO. :) 
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    Todd at Team DJ is so fun.  He was very good at Creekside, afternoon wedding, not much dancing, but kept everything on track.  It was a buckeye game day and he had a buckeye vest, which was fun. My girl friend said he was easy to work with too!
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  • kimcatbridekimcatbride member
    edited December 2011
    I love the guys at Columbus Pro DJ. They have been more than professional in my dealings with them. They do follow up alot but I appreciate that because I am so busy that I need someone to stay in touch with me. I have seen Tood from Team DJ emcee some of the bridal fashion shows and I think he is too cheesy for my taste.
  • darby22darby22 member
    edited December 2011
    We used TEAM DJ (Todd) and had a great experience.  Very easy to work with and good prices.  Everyone said they loved the music at our reception!
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