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Do you like this invitation?

Just curious. I really like this style, yet fiance thinks it's too busy.

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Re: Do you like this invitation?

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    Just curious. I really like this style, yet fiance thinks it's too busy.

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  • I didn't vote bc I like the look of the invites but make sure you order a sample.  My BM ordered a sample of an invite from there that also had a colored background and it was pretty poor quality.  You know how if your were to print something from your home computer with a solid colored background you can tell bc it would be slightly uneven and just not professional looking....thats what it looked like. So just make sure you like it in person just not the pic.
  • PP is right -- order a sample to make sure you like the quality of the paper.

    If you like the idea of it, you can always DIY using cardstock ( and scrapbook paper with a pattern you like. You can use a thin ribbon to cover the seam between the papers.

  • I like it.  However, if your FI doesn't like it.. find another.  There are plenty of invitations to choose from.
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  • Definately order a sample and see what you think once you can look at it on paper. Its a nice invitation but if you both dont agree on it, keep browsing.
  • Another route that I went was using a local grapic designer.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I showed her samples of what I liked, gave her color samples from the dresses, told her what flowers we were using and what feel we wanted with the style for invites and she turned out something great.  It was also a great idea for me, because I did see a sample before they were printed and once I was ready, she printed them in only about 3 days which was super.  It also was even cheaper for me than ordering anything online, so it was a great money saver as well.  If you like this idea, definately ask around though, because I know I only used her because my MOH and her family had experience with her and so I knew I would get great services and quality.  My wedding is in less than 2 weeks and she also did my shower invites and is currently finishing up my programs, so she has been a great source for me.
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