Do any bridal salons in the area carry Watters/Wtoo??

I live in the DC area and tried on a Wtoo gown that I really like down here.. however, I am coming back home to Pittsburgh this weekend and wanted my mom to see the dress on me (because time is running short and we need to buy it rather quickly).  I've been having bad luck finding any salons in the Pittsburgh area that carry Watters/Wtoo bridal gowns,it seems they mainly sell bridesmaids dresses.  The Watters website isn't totally accurate, so I just want to know if any of you have come across this designer in your own dress searches.  I'm willing to travel anywhere around the area.  Thanks!!

Re: Do any bridal salons in the area carry Watters/Wtoo??

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    I don't know how big the selection is, but Ribbon Bridal in Beaver, PA carries Wtoo by  Watters.

    HTH. I would just call in advance to ask if they carry the one you are looking for before driving out there.
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    MB Bride carries both lines. 
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    Unfortuanately I just checked with MB Bride and they only carry bridesmaids lines.  Thanks for the help!
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    I want to say Anne Gregory does, but I could be wrong.

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    Anne Gregory does, you can call with the specific dress that you're looking for.  I searched for a Watters dress, but could only find it on a visit to NYC.  I was able to find it by using the website though.  
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    I highly recommend Ribbon Bridal in Beaver, PA.  I purchased my dress there for my wedding in a few weeks.  They have a lovely selection of dresses and they are sooo friendly and helpful.  And they make ADORABLE custom jewelry and accessories.  :)
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