Alterations suggestions!

Hi ladies! I have recently moved to Mid-Maine but I am getting married in Mass. A few of my friends mentioned that I should get alterations where I live since it would be a lot easier for fittings and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone could recommend something they enjoyed working with? I live in the Waterville/Augusta area. Thanks!!!

Re: Alterations suggestions!

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    I know there is some places in Portland, if there is a bridal/formal wear shop near where you live call them and they can recomend someone! :)
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    There is a woman in Pittsfield who does alterations, she is a private bridal shop and doesn't have a website but she shows up in the white pages.  I don't recommend Patricia Buck bridal, but Andrea's Bridal in Portland has been great to work with in my own personal experience. 

    You could also try looking up private seamstresses who aren't affiliated with a bridal shop.
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    Great, thanks! I might just go to a seamstress near where my parents live in Mass, since I'll be down there once a month anyway. I just figured it might be easier in Maine... We'll see!
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