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it's monday!

How is everyone?

I'm dragging, I was very restless last night :(

I have a TON of homework to do tonight and it's only the first day of classes- my professors are demanding.

I don't know if we laid out dinner, it might be leftover spaghetti, which i'm good with :)


Re: it's monday!

  • If they're hiring someone else, why didn't they just keep you? doesn't that make more sense than having to train someone?
  • Morning,
      I am back at work again. I don't think I am ready for this at all I really miss not getting dressed and being bundled in a blanket all day.

    Yea I think I agree, Why don't they just keep you?
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  • APPLE!!! welcome back :)

    Edie- that makes sense. Well hopefully you'll get a better position soon :)

    blah- it's only 8:42 and i'm ready for a nap!
  • Thanks!

    lol its only 6:46 and I am ready for a nap..
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  • I LOVE your new sig pic :)

    haha. you go to work early apple!
  • Morning ladies! FI and I had a pretty laid back weekend. Excepy he gave me the 'you know I don't really care about 'x wedding thing' so narrow it down to 2 and we'll go from there' talk, so I guess that makes my like easier. So- we found STDs and invites from vistaprint for super cheap and pretty. 

    Apple- your engagement pics are gorgeous!
  • G' morning everyone!

    Setback on my weight loss journey this weekend - but I've regrouped and am starting over yet again.

    We're having leftover lasagna for supper tonight.

    It was super cold here all weekend, so I didn't get to go snowmobiling or skiing. Last night hit -47 by around 11, and schools were closed this morning. I have to go in this afternoon though. Half days are so silly. It's forecast to go to -39, so we're back in business.

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  • I know! I used to come in at 5, but they think that is too early so its 6 now.

    I've been home and at the hospital with my mom. her surgery went pretty good. its just been busy.
    I have missed everyone here so much!

    Thank you so much I got all the rest of them and I am way excited!
    Now that I have 6 months left I feel like I have to actually plan something. I was looking last night and got a little overwhelmed.
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  • Apple- it goes by super fast! just stay organized, and you'll be fine!

    Jenny- I pray for you, -47?!?!? I'd die, absolutely just drop dead, It was about 65 this morning and I thought I was going to freeze, tho Business clothes are not very warm, and I asked H, is it cold, "no" was his response, I should have known better! he's a furnace.

    I brought homemade chicken salad on top of salad today, I'm pretty excited. :)
  • -47 is HORRIBLE...

    I am so sorry.. I don't know what else to say besides I am sorry... I thought my 9 degrees was bad...
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  • Morning! Jenny that is crazy cold and I can't even imagine. Apple. Glad to see you back. Since FI is out of town I watched chick flicks on tv last night and need to do laundry and buy groceries today.
  • lol - it sounds worse than it is really. When it's this cold, it's really dry. The worst part is the exhaust kind of hangs in the air. Now that the wind has died down, it's not bad at all, just a regular day.

    My car heater wouldn't work on Saturday, so that was rough. It worked yesterday, and the car is plugged in now, so I'm hoping it works well enough to get me to school and back. If not, it's a chilly kilometer to walk!

    FI took my snowmobile to school, so I won't be able to. (I can't start his) He's still working on mine and is doing several trial runs. I'll get to go tomorrow or the next day.

    Last year it was really cold for January and February, so I've got another little while to deal with this.

    Love the pic, Apple!
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  • Jenny - I'm just so so sorry.

    I started my (outdoor) boot camp this morning, and itwas 30 and I felt like death. I used to go up until a year ago, but when we were planning the wedding I cancelled it because we needed the money. Well apparently I complained about missing it more than I realized, because going back was my Christmas present from H. SO THOUGHTFUL that man. He even contacted my trainer (who he knew to ask for by name because, again, I spoke about him so much) and got a deal.
    I'm going to be in so much pain tomorrow, but it was so fun. Except the cold.

    Well, guys, tax season is already in full swing, cacth ya later... maybe!
  • Swag. That's sounds awesome. My FI bought me some Zumba classes for Christmas and I am going to start going tonight since I am finally better from my cold.
  • Good morning!  I'm tired and kind of crabby this morning.  I'm sore from lugging furniture around and I have callouses on my right hand from putting it together (I clearly need to buy a better screwdriver).  It looks great now that it's done, but the process of getting and assembling it was pretty miserable.

    I'm also hoping to get back on track soon with workouts.  I stopped just before our wedding, so it's been about 2 months that I haven't done anything.  I was doing NROL4W and I was really starting to see results.  Hopefully I can pick up where I left off with no issues.

    H and I have an appointment tonight and we'll probably go out to eat afterwards.  Which will be nice, because we haven't been out to eat just the 2 of us in a while!
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  • Yeah Swag, come back here!!!
  • I'll have to second edie lls- I went running with Riff last night, and I'm feeling it really badly in my knee.
  • Morning!
    Jenny - that temperature is crazy cold. My FI used to work in AK (worked on the pipeline, there 3 weeks 12hrs a day, then came home and was off for 3 weeks, paid awesome) - he said the same thing about the temp being cold but a different kind of cold.

    Apple - your sig pic is gorgeous! And I too had a timing freak-out this weekend with wedding stuff.

    I got my STD's addressed and ready to send out this weekend! I really wanted to have them out before the holiday's but it didn't work. I'm still within the expected timeframe for them, so it works out.

    I spent every day over the weekend in the gym and am proud of myself. I'm super sore today and am looking forward to my cardio session tonight after work.
    FI is going to talk to his boss about working swing shift which I really hope works because then I can workout before work (at 5am - yikes), but I feel so accomplished getting it done early.

    I got my hair done this weekend too - I feel like a whole new person!
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  • It really IS a different kind of cold, and I always feel silly saying that. Cold is cold, right? Nope.

    and I'm really a reformed winter hater for that very reason.

    Sounds like we're all getting back on the get-in-shape wagon. Good luck - take it easy though. Better to ease in than rush and end up injuring yourself!
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:1616760c-0b17-4c91-bb41-fd30f1384f04Post:63607000-9b42-4e7a-9a58-8ec70c8bb5c2">Re: it's monday!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'll have to second edie lls- I went running with Riff last night, and I'm feeling it really badly in my knee.
    Posted by brittany634[/QUOTE]

    Ouch! Hope it feels better, Brittany. Have you iced it? Ice works wonders on sore knees after running.
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  • yep, I did last night-

    I'm planning on rollerblading tonight, hopefully. There is a really nice path down by the water, so if it's not raining i'll go. It's alot easier on your knees than running :)

    Tiff- I give you the same advice, don't get too stressed and make sure you stay organized and you'll be just fine! I promise :)
  • Brittany -  Thanks, I started a year ago when I first got engaged but then stopped and realized I was doing too much too soon.
    I've just been going with the flow until yesterday when I looked at my checklist and saw how much stuff was on there.

    I just went through it and it seems like a lot of things are repeated so I guess it isn't as much as I thought but I still feel like it is when it is all laid out.

    oh well.

    I made the appointment to alter my dress just now though. that is a huge weight off my shoulders. I called after I got my dress and was on the phone for 40 minutes with a lady that had no idea what I was talking about and when I got off the phone I still didn't have an appointment.. ugh.

    anyways that is the end of my weird rant.
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  • I am going to the big wedding show here this weekend - hopefully I'll find an officiant, you know, someone to actually marry us. LOL.

    I have most everything done, just need to figure out the officiant, commit to the cake and flowers, though I have ideas for the last two.

    Then, the smaller things, like get my daughter her flower girl dress and buy the cake topper, etc.
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  • Tiff- EASTER SALES!! for the flower girl dress, places like target, and kids stores have the cutest little white easter dresses and when easter is over they're always marked down like 75%. good deals :)

    Apple- also alot of the stuff on the knot checklist I Was llike really, why would I do that? lol

    Lunch time, my salad is yummy :)
  • Thanks, Brittany. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I have found some pretty cute dresses on Amazon, so there's that route.
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    [QUOTE]Tiff- EASTER SALES!! for the flower girl dress, places like target, and kids stores have the cutest little white easter dresses and when easter is over they're always marked down like 75%. good deals :) Apple- also alot of the stuff on the knot checklist I Was llike really, why would I do that? lol Lunch time, my salad is yummy :)
    Posted by brittany634[/QUOTE]

    Exactly! yea I will feel better once I lay everything out for myself for sure.
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