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Crowne Plaza Dwtn

I was wondering if anyone has had a reception at or been to an event in the ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown?? I am about to sign a contract with them (today, actually) to have our reception there for next spring and I just wanted to get some feedback about that place & staff. My fiance and I really liked the ballroom more than any other venue we looked at, so I'm confident in our decision and very excited to book it!!! If anyone has any info about events there, tho-- good or bad-- please let me know!! Thanks.

Re: Crowne Plaza Dwtn

  • I toured the locaiton and I really liked the ballroom.  I decided to go with a different venue mainly because I wanted to do reception and ceremony there and I just did not care for how it would work logistically.  I think one of the negatives was that parking was not free so either we would pay for it or our guests would pay for it. 

    Everyone I know who has been to weddings there has raved about it.  I think the ballroom was the best that I toured in KC and honestly will make up for most other negatives. 
  • I haven't been to an event there, but I've stayed there, and had a very good experience!
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