Does anyone know when making your monogram, do you put his his initial first and my first initial last with our last name initial in the center?

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    Yes, his first initial, his middle initial, then your first initial.
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    It is actually YOUR first initial first, the last name initial in the middle, and his first initial last.  Ladies first.
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    [QUOTE]Yes, his first initial, his middle initial, then your first initial.
    Posted by ksbruning[/QUOTE]

    This is incorrect. It's YOUR first initial, his last initial, his first initial. And you can only use this during your reception as you technically do not have that last name yet. So if you want to use the monogram before the wedding (such as on save the dates, invites, programs, etc...) then you should make a monogram that doesn't have your last name or last initial at all. HTH! =]
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