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I have to vent , OMG so over the weekend me and my family did the floor plan . AHHHH  What a nightmare , Something so simple  YOU WOULD THINK ! , Yelling Screaming Crying , who can't sit with who , moving tables around, who will be insulted if they aren't near the dias , dance floor etc.  Same thing writing the place cards , someone you know all your life as one name , all the sudden i have to use their proper name which by the way will insult them . 

All the, You can't do this and you can't do that and my fiancees jokes (hated him for about 3 hours). i'm done, I'm am so done.I have knots in my stomach , i just cant wait for this be be finished . I'm so stressed.

Sorry for the rant , but i just needed to vent.


  • kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    I hear you - I could see how the floor plan could be really stressful. I let my mom and MIL handle where their families would sit, so I just had to figure out the tables of our friends. Any chance you could turn it over to someone?
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    I just dealt with this about two or three months ago and it is all too fresh in my memory. It seems terrible now, but it will work out! Promise!
    Try not to let everyone tell you how to do it. Do what you're comfortable with. I consulted each of my parents about one thing and then did the rest with my husband. My parents are divorced and haven't been in the same room in almost 20 years and neither have the two sides of the families so it was a little complicated, but everything turned out fine, just like yours will!!!
  • carolsdaycarolsday member
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    Thanks so much guys ,, Kristin they are done so its over :)  and Shari you gave me that little ray of hope Laughing
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