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Accountability - Monday

Alright, so I really didn't get to work out this weekend, things were CRAZY in Columbus at the Seminar BUT I learned some really important info to share with you ladies.

You see, I am in Leadership Development/Informational Marketting... aka Life Coaching. One of the areas we learn to help coach people on is their health, and so we have all sorts of guest speakers come in. This weekend one was author Mark MacDonald talking about health and the things that we don't realize.

The biggest myth being counting calories is the most effective way to ensure that you'll lose weight, because strictly watching calories and working out is eventually going to plateau. The reason for this is that you're not balancing your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is low or high chemical reactions happen that cause your body to store fat.

Why is this something that I wanted to share... well lets take your morning snack for example, a lot of people will grab something like an apple, some sort of fruit. Well, that's holding you back... you see the apple is higher in sugar content and spikes your blood sugar. The only way to avoid that is to have a balance of your sugars, fats and protein. So in this example an apple with some cottage cheese and a few almonds.

Hope that helps someone, I know I'm so excited to see if this is the change I need to break through the plateau I've been fighting... If I didn't make sense, he wrote a whole book on it lol so check that out here: CLICKY

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Re: Accountability - Monday

  • Sounds like you learned a lot of useful things!  I have been having annoying belly issues again so it makes it really uncomfortable to work out.. so, I slacked all weekend and only went on a few walks.  I'm switching to shakes for a bit to see if that helps so I can at least work out.  I really have to get on the ball, I had a race at the end of the month (just realized it was the same date as MOHs graduation so I have to can it) and my first alterations appointment in just over a month!
  • That's awesome advice.  I'm happy to say my ankle is healing so FI and I hit the gym last night.  I packed myself a healthy lunch this afternoon, so I'm feeling pretty great.  I was out with friends on Saturday, and a friend of mine and I decided that we're gonna go together to get budoir photos done.  We've both been wanting to.  We're going to schedule them for the end of June, so I know when I need to get back in shape by.  :)

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  • I started week 3 of Body Revolution again on Saturday and did it Sunday as well (if you didn't see it on Friday, I decided to start over from week 3 again because I don't feel I gave it my all the last few weeks).  Also did Ab Ripper X on Saturday, too.

    Usually Monday is yoga night, but Fi is at work and he's my gym buddy (even though he does his strength training while I yoga) and I just don't feel right going without him.  Still gonna do my Body Revolution tonight though.
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