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New Hampshire

who pays???

okay, so who pays for my bridal shower?? i always thought that it was my mom, and bridesmaids, but now im hearing its only my mom...

Does anyone have a list of what the bridesmaids are supposed to pay for??

Re: who pays???

  • FireDancer04FireDancer04
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    Traditionally the MOB doesn't throw the shower but times have changed and if she decides to throw one she'll pay or it can be split across who ever is hosting.

    Bridesmaids typically pay for their dress, shoes, make-up and hair. If you are requiring them to have hair and make-up done then you would pay for that.

    Should the choose to throw you a shower, the cost is split amoungst those hosting.

    Also if they choose to throw you a bachelorette party, they would typically pay their own pay and then divide your cost up amoungst those attending.

    HTH, if you need clarification just ask!

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    I think the PP covered everything perfectly. It is usually split between the bridal party. However, it can depend on the situation, 

    My BMs were mainly all college students, so the dress/shoes/hair was already a lot for them. I did pay a portion of their hair, did not require makeup and gave them jewelry, purses, and shawls.

    That being said, they did not help with the shower that much. My mother hosted it at my parents house and pretty much paid for the whole thing. My MOH (my sister) helped, but again she is in college. My BMs came over early to help set up things but none offered monetary help for food etc. But then again, my mother preferred it that way.

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  • singing_lynsinging_lyn
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    Traditionally it is whoever is hosting the bridal shower, if it's your mother hosting she pays, if it's your MOH she pays. I'm actually throwing my sisters bridal shower this weekend, and I'm hosting but all of the bridesmaids agreed to chip in as well as my mother and her future mother-in-law so it was a bit different than the norm, but I don't earn a lot and they understood that so thought that in order to have the type of shower they thought my sister deserved they should help. I hope that helps.
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