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DIY Wedding Map**PIP**

**My apologies if you read this in another board, but I did post this a few times**

Ok, so I took the plunge (more like pain in the A$$)... and made my own wedding map for my invitation suite.  I followed some online directions and voila my wedding map is almost ready to go.  I still need to design the "Map" insert with the map on it, but I had the urge to share so here it is:

Thoughts? comments? The green in the NJTP sign is bothering me.. and I am going to attempt to color the wedding cake icon.. and I need to color in the Delaware River.. other than that, another check off the DIY list!

Re: DIY Wedding Map**PIP**

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    I love that! I think it looks so cute; are you happy with your invites??? When are you sending them?

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    RSVP Deadline: 10/2
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    Invites are getting worked on currently. I had the actual invitation and response card professionally printed and WOW I was impressed.  They look amazing.  Next I need to cut my matte's, assemble matting and invitations, emboss rsvp envelopes, make accomodation card.

    Envelopes (which we lined and embossed the return address) are at the Calligrapher at the current moment.

    Looking to send the invitations out November 12th. RSVP date is Dec 15th, Wedding Jan 15th.
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    That looks great!!  Where did you go to make the map?
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    I took a screen shot from google maps and then copied-and-pasted it into MS Powerpoint.  I then used the curve line tool to draw it out.  It took me a while and was certainly frustrating.
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    Since I posted this on the DIY and N. Jersey board I figured I would add the directions to this post too.

    1) Go to Google Maps, zoom out of your location enough to see a nice part of the surrounding area.
    2) Click the Print Screen button (some PC's have need the Function or Alt keys for Print Screen to work)
    3) Open a blank presentation in MS PowerPoint and click Ctrl+V to paste the screen capture onto the slide
    4) From the Insert menu, select the Curve option (this looks like a squiggly line, not scribble, it should be called curve if you hover over th button)
    5) Trace the main roads with the curve tool.  The curve tool allows you to start drawing and then click to to make the line curve (use the delete key to back up and undo a part of the line).
    **this is the most difficult part, it's downright painful at times**
    I then changed the color/thickness of the lines to reflect major roads vs side roads.
    Also I added some clipart (Insert-Clipart) that was free through MS Powerpoint.

    When you are done, delete the google map that you were tracing on top of.  Voila! You have a map. People charge $50-100+ to get maps drawn electronically! Good Luck.
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