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So I went dress shopping for the first time on Saturday.  We went to 2 salons (Bliss Bridal and Bridal Bells).  At Bridal Bells, I think I found my dress.  I want to make sure it's really "the dress" but I don't konw if I should try on more dresses or not.  HELP!!!

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Re: Dress Help!

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    That is a tough question! I went to three bridal salons, and bought a dress at the third one, on the spot. I was not convinced it was my dress until a few months later when I tried it on and still loved it. 

    Have you been thinking about the dress since you left? If you have, it could mean it is the one! Also, how long do you have until your wedding? If you have some time, maybe you could wait a few weeks and see if you still like it. Plus, the bridal salon may have a trunk sale or something, to bring the cost down?!? 

    If you are really torn, I say go try on more dresses! Why not? 
  • You will know.  Go back another day and try on that dress and others.  If you compare every dress to that one then you will know.  I never got that emotional, had-to-have it feeling.  I knew when I tried on other dresses and still wanted to try on the one I ended up getting.  I bought it in August 2011, got married in June 2012 and still love it to this day!

    My advice....looks like you are getting married in 9 months, order soon!  I had gained winter weight and when mine came in it wouldn't zip the last 2 inches.  I was upset but I just went kickboxing 2x/week and ended up not needing alterations.  It was the perfect amount of time to get in shape.  Ordering early definitely helped my stress level!
  • Thanks for your advice!   I ended up going back to the store and trying the dress on again by myself and still love it so I bought it!!  I figured I was thinking about it all week and staring at myself in the pictures my sister took of me in it so it had to be the dress!  Woohoo!!!  Thanks again!!

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