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Saratoga Polo? Has anyone been there???

Hi Everyone!

My fiance and I are heading back up to Saratoga for round 2 of venue hunting.  I noticed saratoga polo had a tent and have been in touch with Kim from Lily and The Rose already.  If anyone has any info. or suggestions about it that would be great.


Re: Saratoga Polo? Has anyone been there???

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    My friend had her rehearsal dinner there a couple years ago. Although it was more like a wedding- a very large rehearsal dinner! It was really nice. The grounds were pretty. I could definitely see having a beautiful wedding there.
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    We go to Saratoga every year, my FI's family has horses that they race at the track there.  Polo is totally fun and unique.  We go every Friday night.  The atmosphere is beautiful, and the food is really good too. I would def reccomend it.  Would def make for a memorable occassion. It is pretty pricey tho, and also they only play for a certain number of wkends in the summer.. very limited time... so make sure you do your total research before you committ. Good luck!
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    The Saratoga Polo Grounds are actually owned by the Saratoga Gaming and Raceway commision, and are right next to the Harness Track. We are currently working out our final contract with them for our wedding at the Lodge restaraunt next year. The Lodge is only able to seat approx 120 inside, however, we are using the Lodge property for our wedding, and going to tent the yard outside and use the surrounding property for our ceremony as well.

    The polo field is about 200 feet from the lodge, and had a higher rental price for the use of just the field. I think our contact with Saratoga Gaming told us the rental fee for just the field was about $2,000, and we would still have had to rent a tent, bathrooms, tables, chairs, the works. With the Lodge, there was no rental fee for the reception just a minimum spending limit for the reeption dinner, which with 150 people we will easily meet. Since our group will be larger than the 120 limit that can fit inside the restaraunt, we are still going to need to rent tents, etc, however, we also have use of the actual Lodge for our cocktail hour and the full reception, if guests just want to go inside and get away from the party for a little while.

    We are getting married in June, so it wil not be racing season, so the prices are a little more reasonable, but if you are looking for an outdoor wedding I would definately contact Saratoga Gaming to discuss their property. We have worked with Alyssa and Amy, their event coordinators, and they have been wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in more information, I would be happy to talk to you about our search process in Saratoga. Good luck!
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    Thanks!  We were considering the lodge for the same amount of people but the cost of the tent plus dinner was above our budget.  The gaming and raceway does have polo fields behind the lodge but the polo club I was referencing in this post is actually Saratoga Polo.  It's separate from the gaming and raceway and located behind Skidmore off of Lake Ave. It's actually a very pretty spot and the reason we liked it was because they have a permanent tent that is up year round.  The fields are gorgous and there is glass siding rather than then plastic flaps that come with most tents and they rais up if you want to keep the tent open.

    We also did not go with this venu, unfortunately it was my favorite, because the catering was out of our range as well.... but the food was awesome.  We did get to have a tasting.

    I loved the lodge when I saw it in Martha Stewart but since we can't fit everyone inside and the cost of tenting outside of the facility is too expensive for us we chose another venue.

    Have fun!  We were working with Alyssa when we were considering The Lodge.
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    Hi all.  I am the venue manager for Saratoga Polo Association.  I just wanted to let you know that the polo fields at the Saratoga Gaming and Raceway next to The Lodge as mentioned before, are different than the Saratoga Polo Association where polo is actually played during the summer.  We do host weddings and events as well though and I encourage anyone considering Saratoga as a destination for their wedding to please consider us.  By the way, our clubhouse and hardsided tent includes facilities, tables and chairs and anything else we own on the property.  Also, you will have the entire venue exclusively for your wedding or event for its duration!  If anyone would like more information, please don't hesitate to view our website at or contact me at  [email protected]  Congratulations all and check us out this summer!
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