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Ceremony changes

Originally this was the plan: Build a gorgeous arbor out of branches and decorate it with flowers and possibly black lace. We were either going to do a unity candle ceremony or handfasting with some gorgeous black nylon rope. The ceremony would have been on this lawn...

Here's a longer shot...the "brides eye" view.

The problem is, we're planning on having the reception in the same spot. So we came up with the idea of moving the ceremony to the next level of the garden...on the other side of the arbor that you can see on the left side of the second picture. This way the reception will be all set up, and other things can have our attention.

Here's the new plan. I would be walking down these stairs...

down through our guests on this the arbor on the right side of this photo

and here's the arbor...

One of my problems with this is that there will be reception tables behind the arbor. Not an ideal situation. There is no room to move the reception down at all. Maybe we could just move a few tables so they aren't there, and then move them back? I really don't want to get all "bridezilla-ish", but I can't have the reception in my ceremony shots. Honestly, will I be asking too much? Do you think if I am being a picky little you-know-what?

Also I need to figure out how to dress up that arbor!!! What do you thinK? I love DIY projects, but damn! That's a big arbor to decorate. It kinda sucks because my heart was set on this...


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