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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Tell me I am dumb to care about this...

I am recently married and one of my close friends (and bridesmaids) is planning to walk down the aisle at her wedding in October to the same song I walked down the aisle to. I am mad at myself for caring, but I do.  Am I being a post-wedding bridezilla??

Re: Tell me I am dumb to care about this...

  • Not dumb...just a newlywed and feeling still a little starstruck and possessive about your experience.  As hard as this is, by the time she gets married, no one will remember the song you went down the aisle to...they'll only remember what fun they had and how beautiful you looked!

    You can let it go...it'll be fine.  I promise. 
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  • Yes, it's a petty thing to care about.  A lot of people walk down the aisle to the same song.  Nothing to get worked up about.
  • ... Every bride ever has walked down to Wagner's wedding march and they all don't seem to think it's a big deal.  They've also mostly worn white and haven't gotten mad when others copied.

    I don't think anyone will notice or remember that it was your song.  Just because someone else used it will not make it any less special for you.  
  • Just imagine the moment you lock eyes with the one you are going to marry :)  No song in the world is gonna matter to you after that !!

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  • Yeah, petty to worry about something like this. There are only so many songs that churches will let you walk down the aisle to. And like the others said, no one will remember you had the same song when she gets married. You just know in your heart that it was your song and it can still hold that special place.
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    Yeah petty...but....I did a Black Eyed Peas Song for our exit and last Saturday at my cousins wedding she used it as her reception entrance like I had wanted... I will admit a twinge of annoyance but got over it ASAP. I think I noticed little things more than I had normally would have if I had not just got married 2 months ago.
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  • Yes, alot of people use same songs.....don't stress on that
  • just think "it was your great idea" to use that song so feel lucky that your idea was that good that others would want to copy it
  • I think I would care more if it were a really special song than if it was just Wagner's March or some trumpet prelude or something.  Was this song really meaningful to you and your husband?  If so, I understand being a bit annoyed about her picking the exact same song.

    But look at it this way, she might have just enjoyed your wedding so much that she wanted her day to be like yours!!
  • I would take it as a compliment.  Obviously she was affected by your choice of music.  Also, when you go to her wedding you'll be able to partly re-live your day as well.
  • I agree with most of the other girls on here. It was your moment the way you wanted it at your wedding, and it will be the way she wants that moment at her wedding. Don't sweat the small stuff :).
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