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Getting in Shape


I have had a very stressful past couple of years. Besides being a full time student, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, i lost both maternal grandparents and a my great grandmother. So i have put on some weight from that. Since im a student im BROKE, so my diet sucks. Anyway, i stepped on the scale tonight and it was A LOT higher than i thought it would be. I need to loose about 75 pounds and i am getting married in a little over a year. Does anyone have things that have worked for them. I also work about 40 hours a week on top of school so working out is not always the most practical thing for me, but i do go when i can. TIA!!!!
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Re: help!

  • Some areas have great alternative gyms that have you dong wild stuff like jumping on tires,  it all looks odd but this kind of training has been hooked! 

    I work full time, am in grad school, and I am pretty much putting the wedding together on my own so I needed something for self care.  This gym has great classes and i also workout with an amazing trainer.  at these kinds of places they are a lot cheaper than the traditional gyms

    Oh and I eat 1200 calories a day, which is a lot for me, and as soon as I was able to eat this much regulary with my exercise plan the weight just fell off!

    good luck
  • You can eat well on the cheap!

    buy frozen vegetables in bulk, at costco I bought like 5 pounds of frozen veggies for $7!
     if costco is not an option, I still find buying frozen to be cheaper than fresh.
    use a crock pot! buy the cheapest cuts of meat and pop em' in, plenty of easy recipes online as well as a HUGE time saver for busy people.
    Make everything yourself!- in addition to pre-packages foods being more expensive they are LOADED with salt, fat and all kinds of nasty crap your body doesnt need!
    Bulk stores- I am Gluten free and I buy all my baking supplies, spices and such at one -its cheap and easy.
    Soup: easy and fast and you can turn almost anything into soup-no more throwaway wasted food in your fridge.
    Plan ahead: I make weekly meal plans, takes about 20 mins: I look at whats on sale make a food list out of that and only buy what I need. takes away the temptation to just order out or looking into the fridge for 20 mins trying to decided what to eat. again-no waste if you are just buying what you need.

    with some planning I know you can meet your goal, My schedule is not as busy as yours but  I work 50 hours a week and am planning our wedding almost on my own. I squeeze the gym in 3-5 times a week and so far have lost almost 20 pounds....you can totally do this!
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  • thank you both so much!! we have a Sams where i am which is basically the same as costco and i already buy like ground meat and chicken from there but i had never thought about veggies. the crock pot is the best thing ever invented! it has been a life saver this year. 
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