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No Kids at Wedding

My best friend is getting married and she and her fiance' have decided that they do not want to invite children to the wedding because of the location of the wedding.   I am helping her plan the wedding and need some advice on how to word the invitations so as not to offend anyone when stating that children are not welcome. 

Any help would be appreciated!! 


Re: No Kids at Wedding

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    Basically you can't state no kids on the invite without it being considered a big faux pas.  Closest you can do is "Adult Reception to Follow" but really it's best to allow something like this to be told word of mouth.  And even then, you still might end up with kids at the reception.  That happened to my friend last year but it worked out anyway.
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    She should just address the invitations to the adults.  Don't mention kids anywhere and don't put the kid's names on the invites.  Then if people RSVP for them and their kids your friend should call and say "I'm sorry, but because of budget/space/location/whatever reasons we can't accomodate children at the wedding.  I hope you and husband/wife will still be able to join us!"
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    Yeah, I agree with PP you should just address the invitations to the adults and let your families know about the no children policy so if they are asked they know.  You will inevitably have someone RSVP with their children and you will just have to let them know that you are having an adults only reception.  I am sure some people might not come because of it, but I completely agree with the no kids.
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