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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Lawsuit or over-reacting?

For our wedding my FI and I decided to hire a wedding planner to set up our ceremony decor and reception decor.  We put everything we made together in about 30ish boxes and labled them all.  We brought them to her house the Wednesday before the wedding, when she informed us she was going to California for a week but had another planner taking over who was "great".

Long story short, everything went wrong. 
- Our centerpieces were missing all their votive candles with glass holders (some tables they put LED candles on that we had used for lanterns at the ceremony - these were not inside any holder, just sat on the table - looked very cheap), they were missing all mirrors (said they lost them), and some even the entire centerpiece! (Keep in mind we had made 4 extras!) 
- Our "theme" was travel.  We made signs for each table that said "Welcome to" and then a place we had been.  We had pictures of us in that place to put on the tables with signs. I bundled the pictures with the signs and a rubberband so they were kept together. Several tables were missing these as well. 
- Our candy was missing scoops
- the "screen" behind our cake table fell into the cake
- the aisle had goldfish in vases with green "plants" in rocks at the bottom.  Several of these plants were floating at the top.  Hard to explain but the base was a glass block and it was turned the wrong way so you couldnt see the light when you entered the ceremony.
- Our "candle lighter" for the ceremony was missing its wick.  She said she'd bring it back but never did.
- They didn't put our reserved signs on any of the tables so our DJ had to "kick people out" of their seats for our parents and family.

Theres much more I just can't think of we have written down.  It was an entire notebook page.  She said she'd give us our money back, but I don't feel like thats enough.  On the other hand, I know she can't rewind time and make it all ok.


Re: Lawsuit or over-reacting?

  • This sounds like a horrible experience. I agree with most of what everyone is saying (take the money, lawsuit would be a waste of your time/money). I have a tendency to play devils advocate though so here goes...
    1) I've been told by numerous people that things go wrong and to take them in stride because in the grand scheme of things none of it matters. It sounds like someone should have prepared you that the wedding was a part of life, which doesn't always/usually equal perfection.
    2) Coming from a place of being self employed as well, I sympathize for the planner. Scathing horrible reviews could end her career...or at least hinder it. I'm not sure if this is what she does for a living full time but does she have kids or a family?? Not telling you what to do, I'm just giving you another opinion to take into consideration.
    3) She is human. Humans make mistakes. Maybe she was having a bad day (maybe she was sick, or had a sick relative, etc)
    4) Giving the money back is a very nice sentiment. She obviously felt horrible and is trying to make up for it by giving you her time (she did still work after all). Taking her to court would be ludicrous.

    It sucks that you had a bad experience but I've heard of worse...and without the offer of a refund. Again, just playing devil's advocate. I would be pissed too.
  • this sounds so awful!!!! i hope that whatever you decide to do you and your hubby are enjoying being married and thanks for sharing your story with those of us who can try and avoid these things happening!
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