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Bridal Gown RIPOFF update LONG

Hi Ladies,
I have a few minutes before I have to go to a work event and wanted to update you.

This is the ONLY situation that ever caused me any stress surrounding my wedding planning.

Backstory: Ordered my gown back in February to be created by an on line vendor in Tennessee. Got the gown 16 weeks later and it was a total piece of crap. Probably only took a week to make and looked nothing like I ordered. Wrong cut, wrong color, wrong neckline, none of the details were on the gown, the hem ends were fraying, the thing wasn't even finished, the bolero was all frayed and not finished as well.

The vendor said she'd give me my money back if I sent back the gown next business day, advised of UPS shipping and requested a return auth form within 3 days. All done within three days, but when I requested the RA number she never sent it and stopped communicating with me and Fiance. We have called and written to her each week to check the status of refund. With no replies.

To add insult to injury now she has the gown on her website for resale. WITH ALL MY MEAUSREMENTS FROM MY ORDER FORM ON THE SITE. I was furious when I saw that she is selling it for more money in her pocket. WE CALLED AND WROTE HER TELLING HER SHE DOESN'T OWN THAT GOWN AND CANNOT SELL IT ON LINE, SHE IGNORED US.

I cannot sit back and let this biotch take my hard earned money.

Fiance and I are traveling by car for our honeymoon and driving right through TN on Sunday after our wedding. I investigated suing her and I was able to sue her in small claims court and request my court date. I checked with Fiance and we are going to get a room in Nashville Sunday night and go to civil court to sue her on Monday morning at 8:45am and then go on our merry way to the east coast for the rest of our honeymoon. The timing was perfect as we planned on spending the night in TN on Sunday.

I send in all my paperwok today for the suit. Things work out for a reason. She's gonna be real surprised when the sheriff comes to her house to serve her the warrent. The last time I called her I left her a message that I was be prepared to take legal action against her if she doesn't refund my money. My fiance works for a large law firm in the City of Chicago (as their IT guy)

My message to the vendor:

Karma's a bitch lady and she's pissed off and gonna get you!!!!

After the suit is completed I am going to bash her by name on every national wedding website...


PS: Got a beautiful gown, so all is well, I wont be wearing burlap to the wedding.

Re: Bridal Gown RIPOFF update LONG

  • MikesAngieMikesAngie member
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    Alpha, you go girl!  I have been reading your posts about this and I'm very upset that this happened to you and the on-line vendor deserves everything you have done and are about to do - so go get 'em!

    Just make sure to not let this ruin your wedding day or your honeymoon.
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    A woman scorned is a woman to be reckoned with! You go Alpha!

    I used this website a long time ago when I had a problem with Bank of America.  I strongly urge everyone use this to detail matters when you are wronged (I was able to use the Office of the Comptroller to address the B of A problem later)

    Good luck.
  • Marrin713Marrin713 member
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    Unbelievable!  Good for you for taking action.  I'll bet she's REALLY gonna be surprised!  She probably figures an out-of-towner won't make good on the threat.  Ha!
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    Way to go Alphabride!!! Acts like that ahould help people that think they can get way with wrong doing just because they are in other state!!!
  • vmmomvmmom member
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    AlphaBride- best of luck to you, and I hope everything works out for you.  One question - I am assuming you paid for this online using a major credit card.  As I understand it, most major bank cards will work with you on disputing charges.  You might want to check on this if you didn't already.
  • melissamc2melissamc2 member
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    I'm glad you're taking action and just not letting it go.  Walk in armed with all of the communications and you should be fine.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
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    Thanks Ladies! I will be armed with all of my evidence, I saved every e mail.
    She claimed that she could replicate the gown I sent her a picture of. well,
    the gown looks nothing like the photos or what I ordered.

    I used Mastercard Debit and paid up front through GOOGLE PAY. I was going to check in with Google Pay but everything worked out for the law suit so I am going to court.

    Don't worry nothing at all can ruin my wedding or honeymoon. Every single aspect of planning has been stress free for me, except this.

    I am just furious that she still has my gown on her website for sale even after both the fiance and I e mailed her telling her to take it down.

    The judge aint gonna look kindly on that!
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    Alpha, I took a look at their website and it says that the return policy does not apply to any custom order dresses (any dress not listed on their website).  I gathered from your email that your dress was custom-ordered since you submitted a picture of it right? If that's the case, make sure to be ready to deal with that during the hearing.  I'm guessing they changed their return policy after the problem with you, the jerks.  So be careful! 
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    Hey jcaruncho.....
    I ordered a custom dress, BUT in the few days following after a flury of e mails telling her I want my money back I got the following e mail from her and this is the crux of my court case:

    As long as you return the gown, the next business day after you received it as our faq/policy page states then we will be happy to refund her monies minus the 20% and the $25 shipping/handling fee.  Our policy also states that you inform us of your return for a Return Authorization # (RA) as we are unable to process packages without them.  Our policy also states that you are to inform of us of the tracking and insurance information.    We give you three (3) days to notify us of a return.

    All of these steps were completed by me within 3 days, when I wrote to advise her of the return, give her the UPS shipping information, and request a return auth number she stopped communicating with me, and never sent me the number.
    This is the last e mail we received from her and then all communication from her to us stopped. Apparently they were able to process the package as she now has the dress on her website for sale.
  • AdelphiTNAdelphiTN member
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    oh yeah - that ought to win the case for you! good luck!
  • melissamc2melissamc2 member
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    You have taken screen caps of the dress for sale on the website, right?  I'd do that immediately, if not, so you can prove she was trying to sell it.
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    Yes both fiance and I have saved the webpage as an html in our saved files.

    And I don't plan on contacting her any more, the next contact she will have from me is the warrent for her to appear which will be served by the sheriff's office to her house.
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    Good for you Ms Alpha ! You go get that idiot that can try to stomp on other peoples dreams!!!
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