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really pissed

My fiance and I got into a dumb fight cause he has yet to realize that I can not read his mind, so instead of being the in the living room with him I have been doing homework for two hours in our bedroom. I have run out of things to do with my textbooks and online so I am posting here to postpone having to go in there and go through the whole I can not read your mind argument again. The really bad part is that I'm hungry and I have to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen full of groceries that he dragged me out to buy tonight. I'm trying to figure out how to procrastinate as much as possible.....Yes I realize I'm being a child about this but after being at school and work all say and taking care of two puppies I just dont have the energy to argue with him

Re: really pissed

  • Been there, sister. Hope things are better this AM.
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  • I went through the same thing with my Fi as well... He wanted me to study in the living room and I need the quiet so I went to the bedroom... "Why are you in there" after two hours of being in there was all I got as well. We talked about it and I explained I have to cook, clean, work 11 hours and study every day, he needs to give me this time and I will give him all my time on the weekend and one day during the week ( my off day during the week and studied during the day}.

    Talk it out when you both are calm so he knows what to expect...

    Good luck!!!

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  • It's ok to take some space if you're arguing.  Might help you both calm down and sort out your thoughts.  Maybe later, when you're feeling a little more calm (and when those groceries just can't go unattended any longer) you could go out and say "Hey honey, I really don't like it when we fight.  Can I talk to you?  This is how I feel about what happened....."  Then you can both share your side and maybe it won't be a big deal anymore.  Hope it all works out!
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