Wedding Cake on a budget in Sacramento??

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I am in need of some help on where to find a bakery that can make a great cake, but for a good price. I am trying to plan our wedding on a budget, not sure where prices start at for a cake that will feed 180 people. Can anyone help or refer me to a bakery.

Thank you fellow Knotties! =)

Re: Wedding Cake on a budget in Sacramento??

  • Village Cake Shoppe in Elk Grove was pretty reasonable. 
  • Miss Alicakes is good. She started her business last year and is very affordable and has great cakes. Check her out!
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  • Have you considered skipping the cake?  I've yet to go to a wedding where the cake was really memorable.  My fiance and I are considering hiring an ice cream truck (which may actually be cheaper) or doing some other kind of dessert.
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  • Depends on how good you want the cake to be...
    I called Safeway when I was checking prices and they were pretty cheap...I cannot remember anymore how much it was but you may want to give them a call - I want to say they start at $100.  I decided against them because the cake was not made there, just frozen and shipped from somewhere else.

    I ended up buying a couple of smaller cakes from Freeport Bakery (we only have 24 guests).  They taste good and a 9" round cake feeds 16 people and is $30.  The wedding hasn't happened yet so I can't tell you how my guests like it, but I tasted one and it was tasty.

    they charge $5.50 per slice for a wedding cake.  So just multiply that by 180.

    You could also do what a lot of people do and get a small wedding cake for the cutting, and have a large sheet cake in back to serve to people.  For 180 people it may be a good idea.

    Hope this helps!!!
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  • I just booked this woman...FrannieBbakery. She has 3 tired round or square wedding cake with simple fondant and lace trim cakes for $275! That feeds 150 people but you can also add a sheet cake for a good price.
  • We are going with Solano Baking Company in Dixon (almost positive they can deliver to Sacramento). Our cake for 100 people came to $305. 
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  • What about Cupcakes? Cupcake craving is wonderful! They have pretty good prices, you're able to customize if you'd like to and they deliver :) They also offer free tastings and have stores in Folsom and Davis and Sacramento
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