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Ideas to entertain guests???

Unlike most other weddings we're not having alcohol or dancing at the reception. Do you have any ideas that'll help pass the time with our guests so they're not bored out of their minds? We were thinking a photobooth would help us a little. Any other ideas? Thank you for your ideas! :)
p.s. its an outdoor wedding

Re: Ideas to entertain guests???

  • dms317dms317 member
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    I've been to a couple where all they did was party dancing...(YMCA or electric slide)...been to others where it was like a game show with games and prices
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    I think the photobooth is an excellent idea.

    We are doing a "photo station" instead of the traditional photo booth strips. Our photog will set it up and run it and then we will have a box full of props and costume type things to put on.

    Also, I'm not sure what time of day your wedding is, but I've seen very nice outdoor weddings that had croquet and bocce set up.

    All in all, I wouldn't feel too much of a need to "entertain" and have all kinds of games. They're there to mingle and eat. : )
  • mwhitson14mwhitson14 member
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    There's no reason you have to entertain your guests. Adults know how to act in social situations where there's no alcohol or dancing. Provide good music, good food, and somewhere for people to sit, and they'll take care of it on their own. I had neither one of those things, and I promise you no one was bored out of their minds. They talked, mingled, and caught up with people they hadn't seen in a while.

    And an outdoor wedding in Texas in July, no one is going to feel like doing anything but trying to keep cool.
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    I agree with the post above mine, except that when you and your date don't know anyone else, there's no one to really mingle with and maybe some bocce ball would get people talking to folks they don't know.
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    We didn't have dancing or alcohol either. We provided mad libs for everyone to fill out during/after dinner as well as a table that had a scrapbook that I had made for DH throughout our relationship and a photo guestbook for our guests to sign. Everyone seemed to and told us they had a wonderful time so I'd say it was a success.
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  • loveshine1loveshine1 member
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    To tell you the truth, if I found out that there was no dancing, no alcohol and it was outside in Texas in July, I would most certainly RSVP, "No".

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/cultural-wedding-boards_christian-weddings_ideas-entertain-guests?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Cultural%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:464687ae-7bc1-4360-9aea-999e11f1e1adDiscussion:f8fb3629-0b01-4df7-87a2-76378a2d8736Post:3a1521e2-6bae-4c74-a251-2c6e4b32aba4">Re: Ideas to entertain guests???</a>:
    [QUOTE]To tell you the truth, if I found out that there was no dancing, no alcohol and it was outside in Texas in July, I would most certainly RSVP, "No".
    Posted by loveshine1[/QUOTE]

    I don't understand this particular sentiment..  If it was a wedding of someone I cared about (which I would presume it was if you were getting an invitation to it) I would RSVP based on my availablity, not whether or not there was alcohol/dancing.

    I do agree with PP's however, you really don't need to entertain your guests as long as you have good food and are a good welcoming host.
  • TwylaB123TwylaB123 member
    edited December 2011
    Our wedding is 3 weeks from tomorrow.  Like you, no alcohol and no dancing.  I really didn't think anything except some great background music would be necessary.  My FI, however, voted otherwise and, since it's one of the few things he has specifically requested . . . we're having karaoke.  This could either be lots of fun or go over like a lead balloon.  We're going to kick off the singing with a silly duet and hope for the best.  If no one participates, the DJ has our play list and we'll still have good music while folks socialize.
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    I like pp's idea of having croquet. That sounds like a ton of fun! :D
    Also, at our outdoor wedding in Lubbock, TX (with a high of 97 that day), I understand the issue with the heat. We didn't have alcohol at our wedding, either. A fun thing that everyone loved instead was an old fashioned soda bar. We had your standard Dr. Pepper and coke as well lemonade and lime-ade with lots of flavorings like vanilla and cherry. Everyone thought it was so fun and it kept everyone cool. I think at least a quarter of our guests were in line for a new drink at any given time.
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    oooooo Karaoke! Great idea. I am a mbr of the Church of Christ and there has never been dancing or alcohol at any of our weddings. (ppl in my family or church) I wish that we could have dancing but I am not willing to embarrass my parents with being the 1st to have dancing so I have been trying to fiure out how to make it fun for myself and everyone else.  Karaoke sounds like fun.
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    I went to one wedding where the reception didn't have cake cutting, best man toast (not even Martinelli's), speeches, or anything but the bouquet toss.  People still had fun, just like a normal party!  No one worth inviting to a wedding is going to think it's a bust if you don't entertain them.  They are there for you, not vice versa.
  • mattycammattycam member
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    I have been to weddings where there was no alcohol and dancing and the wedding was well done and well attended.  By the time the guests get settled in, have their dinner, do the toasts, cut the cake, throw the bouquet/garter...before you know it, the day is done. Your wedding will be fine without the extras :)
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