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30 Day Shred Question

I just purchased the DVD and I'm wondering ... how heavy should the hand weights be?

Re: 30 Day Shred Question

  • I personally started with 5 lb weights.  I would actually suggest have a lighter set and a heavier set (3 and 5s or 5 and 8s) because some of the exercises use major muscle groups, so heavier weights are better, but I need lighter weights for smaller muscle groups.
  • I second midnite; 2 sets would be best.  I only had 3lbs and those were fine for the larger groups (I'm pretty weak) but for the front arm raises with the side lunges?  Oh my god 3 pounds KILLED me - like, to the point where I actually injured my left shoulder.  Yikes. 

    Figure out what you can do comfortably; you should be struggling at the end of each set, but not crying in pain and injuring yourself.  And if it's not a struggle, it's too light.
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  • I use 3 lb weights usually. If I'm feeling adventurous, I bump some exercises up to 5 lbs. If I'm feeling especially weak, I use 14 oz soup cans. lol
  • Lol @ the soup cans, FO!  I usually use 5 lbs, but let me tell you- my arms are burninggg by the end of the sets.  On fire.  And I'm used to lifting.  If you're a fitness newb, I suggest starting low.
  • I use 5lb weights, but if you have 3 & 5 you could definitely alternate. Yeah, on those side lunges with the raises, I have to modify, and do R arm, L arm then both on the 3rd lunge.  And I keep doing it that way until the last 2 or 3 I try to do both arms.  But with the 5 lbs those front raises are too much.
  • I use 3lbs for most of the exercises (yes, I am a pansy, thank you) and 5lbs for the chest presses. I'd definitely recommend starting on the lighter side - better to do all the exercises 100% than to be barely moving by the end because you got tired too quickly.
  • If you new I wouldn't start with more then 5lb and probably use 3lbs. I work out with a trainer normally 3 days a week where we do 20+lbs but hwne I do any of jillian's tapes I can't use more then 10 and normally drop to an 8lb half way throuhg!
  • I started using this last night. And I had 5lb weights and was dying. I can't even lift my arms to answer the phone here at work. haha. I agree two sets of weights would be best. And speaking from experience if you haven't exercised in a while I would suggest starting with the 3 pounders.
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  • For weight loss, research has found that lifting between 60 and 80 percent of your 1-rep max (that is, the heaviest amount of weight you can lift for one repetition of an exercise) is the best way to stimulate muscle growth, which is what helps you lose fat.

    I started before I was told this and I had been debating between 3 and 5lb weights then I found 4lb weights and they have been good for me, although my elbows are sore today.
  • Thank you for all of the responses! I went with the 3 lb. weights.
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