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September 2012 Weddings

Florist TOMORROW! Need help prepping!

So I am meeting with a potential florist tomorrow. I know that I want pink flowers and no roses if at all possible. I have an idea of what I want, but am not sure how expensive/in season they will be. So I a felxible to expert opinion. I only need flowers for the ceremony because we are doing non-floral centerpieces. Because our ceremony site is fairly urban, I'm not sure if I want a bunch of flowers at the ends of isles or at the alter. Below is a list of things I'll need. Please let me know if there is anything I forgot or if there are any important questions to ask.

Flowers Needed
Bride's bouquet
Groom's Bout
4 BM bouquets
4 GM bouts
1 FG pomander
7 corsages for moms/grandmas/readers
2 bouts for dad and grandpa
1 Memory table arrangement
1 Sand Ceremony table arrangement
1 Wishing tree with manzanita branches (might DIY)
Possible ceremony decor.

Love and Blessings
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Re: Florist TOMORROW! Need help prepping!

  • Print out some bouquet styles you find online so you can show them what you like.  When you talk price, talk about the WHOLE price (delivery, tax, setup).  Also, is delivery in two locations (i.e. are you and groom going to be in two different locations getting ready?)

    Be firm on "no roses" if you don't want roses. There are a TON of budget friendly pink flowers that aren't roses.  I am in the "no roses" group too.  :)    

    Don't jump at the quote.  take the estimate home and do some research.  (i.e. if they tell you a flower isn't in season or is super expensive in September, go online and look it up.  One florist said that a couple of my flowers were "hard to find" in September, and I found out that was total BS.   

    Good luck! 
  • I see that you're doing non-floral centerpieces, but have you thought about flowers for decoration the restroom at the reception site?  (we'll be reusing the aisle-pew flowers from the ceremony). What about at the bar/cake table/gift table?
  • one thing you forgot is the toss bouquet but with my florist she includes that for free so maybe yours does too :)
  • Something I did not bring to my meeting and wish I had was a picture that I found online that best described my wedding theme. Or maybe a pic from TK of a real wedding that shows what sort of atmosphere you want. Sure they may be able to come up with tons of pink flowers, but what is appropriate for your setting or theme?
  • Thanks for the advice ladies! If I have the florist do the wishing tree, there will need to be two seperate deliveries. I am hopingto actually meet with two seperate florists tomorrow. 

    The batthroom counters are fairly small. We are providing a supplies basket for each restroom. I'm not sure that we will have room for both basket and flowers. I like the idea of reusing arangements. So the memorial arrangement might be placed at the bar as well (my step-dad was known as the life of the party). 

    The toss bouquet will be a silk break-away arrangement that I have already created. 

    We don't really have a set "theme" but our feel is twisted tradition, thus the no roses. I would just like pretty and simple arrangements. I'd like them to pass for DIY if possible.
    Love and Blessings
    September 2012 May Siggy: The Honeymoon!! Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica for New Years Eve
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  • peonies are great pink flowers that arent roses, because they are huge they save money too
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  • i am using hot pink calillies and gerber daises came in some really great pink colors as well and they are both inexpensive flowers. 
  • What I made is a collage of pictures I liked of bouquets as well as a pic of my BM dress and the detail on my dress.  I bought ribbon a long time ago that was the royal blue we are using so we could match everything to that and have everyone on the same color.  I stapled a piece of that ribbon to the collage print out.  I met with 4 florists and they all said how helpful it was.

    Also, I agree with PP that said not to jump at a quote.  I found out my dream flowers were out of season in my first meeting.  I was totally open to their expert suggestions that would be in line with my vision.  With four florists, I got four different expert suggestions of substitute flowers and four different price points (highest and lowest varied by $300 which since we don't have floral centerpieces or floral ceremony decor either is a big difference for just people's flowers).  Being open minded is a huge advantage because I feel like that's how a lot of brides get frustrated with florists (contrary to some beliefs, they don't control the exact color of flowers that season).  But, make sure you can give ideas of what you want (whether by color or just a feeling) and shop around!
  • Another thing! Bring pictures of your dress, what the boys are wearing, your BM dresses, color swatches if you have them, pictures of your ceremony site, etc. More information is best to the florist. 
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