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Is this ok?

My MOH volunteered to throw my bachelorette party months ago; the other BMs eagerly volunteered to help, but MOH has not reached out to them.  We are 3wks away from the party date and MOH has still not even started on the invitations "because I don't have the money to put down on a hotel room".  (I've told her countless times that's really not necessary...)

I understand that the party is a gift to me, but at this point I am afraid that several of the girls I really want there won't be able to make it because they won't have enough advanced notice to ask off of work.  My FI's BM's wife has offered to handle things, and my other BM's have offered to help...  Is it ok if I say to my MOH "Hey MOH, I know you're really strapped for cash and have alot going on in your life right now... If you don't care, I really want to take some of the pressure of you- J has offered to throw my bachelorette party and it sounds like that's probably the easiest way to go right now."?

I know it's an awkward situation to deal with- just want to make sure I handle it right. :P
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Re: Is this ok?

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    That's a difficult situation, since you are not supposed to be planning your own party. It sounds like your MOH really wants to do the party, but can't afford it.
    Couldn't the bm's wife call your MOH and ask her if she needs assistance? She could ask her what the plan is so far and make some suggestions, let the MOH know what she is willing to do.

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    As much as you would like to get involved, you really shouldn't. The bride should never be involved in the planning of any pre-wedding parties exept to help with a guest list or maybe give some input on any restrictions you would have. I think your best option is to pass along contact information for your MOH to your BM's and let them deal with it. They should be able to handle it from there and if things work out, that's great, but if not it's not the end of the world. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that situation!
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