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Questions for Florist?

Hi Guys!  Meeting with our first florist tonight and wondering if you guys had any advice on questions we should ask about.  We're mainly trying to go cheap, I'm not too particular on what we get.  Any advice?

Re: Questions for Florist?

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    Make sure you ask about all fees. Does he/she charge you to use her vases/containers? What do delivery/transport fees look like?

    I would also set a date to see a mock up of everything you discussed.
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    If you're looking for a lower price, maybe you can tell her the colors you like and the overall shape of the bouquet/centerpieces and then she could recommend flowers in season.

    She may be able to offer advice about how to use fillers like long grasses or twigs or curly willow as attractive fillers and make your flowers go further.

    If she charges for a mock-up maybe you could do the exact same as something she's done previous (assuming she has photos) and then you don't need the mock up?

    Agree with asking about ALL fees and costs - delivery charges/rentals/variation in cost of flowers etc
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