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Outer Banks wedding ideas

I am considering having my wedding in the outer banks next september and wondered if anyone had any ideas or input regarding reception. We'd like to have a beach ceremony and reception all at a rental home and I was just looking for ideas for a simple reception. Around the pool? Just mingling through the house? Any thoughts or anyone done something similar and have any input??

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    I'm getting married next september in the outer banks and I'm very happy I decided on this! I'm having a beach ceremony and the reception at a rental home around the pool, and some stuff within the rec room (caterers, cakes ETC) You can also look into the Kitty Hawk Hilton Inn, they have the pier and the space for the reception.

    Good luck!
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    I'm getting married in Hatteras this September.  We rented a house and are doing the ceremony on the beach weather permitting and reception at the house.  We originally planned to have the reception down around the pool but decided it we would do the rehearsal/welcome dinner around the pool instead.  For the reception we'll have it upstairs in the great room.  Besides it being easier for our caterers who are using the kitchen it will be a little nicer atmosphere then the game room downstairs.  Also since we're doing both the events at the house and everyone will be invited to both I like the idea of 'different parties.' 
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    We are getting married in the church, then doing cocktail hour around the pool and having the reception under a tent in the yard of the house we rented.  The house, The Love Boat, is specifically for events and couldn't be a better location! 

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    Thanks for the input!
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    jacklynxashley....I see you're from hudson valley, I'm from albany!! Are you working with a planner or doing most things yourself? Have you taken or are you taking any trips down there to organize things? I have been there for vacations multiple times so I know generalized things, but wedding and vacation planning are certainly much different!!
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    hey freeborn-- i am working with a planner, Gena from Platinum Party Planning is great and her rate was very competitive. she's been a little crazy for the summer,  but has been great. if you want her contact info let me know, my e-mail is [email protected]

    i'm going down one time in august for a week to look at some stuff, and may go back next summer, but otherwise don't plan to go back until thr wedding. sorry i didn't get back to you sooner, i rarely catch up on this!
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