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I am looking for someone who does NOT play all the old "cliché" wedding music. NO ELECTRIC SLIDE, NO MACARENA…maybe a little doing the butt. :) Obviously I can give them a list of songs I want, but I would rather not go through that hassle. My problem is during the picturesque moments I am having a few Frank Sinatra songs playing. Including our first dance, BUT when it comes time for the booty shaking dance floor time….I just want the upbeat radio music…with a few requests of course. I need someone who can switch from the Sinatra sound to the modern sound without making it sound soooo ummmm abrupt. Any suggestions?
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    Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely Adam McAllister from Birdsnest Productions.  He does not need a list of songs, he is that good.  He figures our your style to know what to play. He's absolutely awesome, and he's AFFORDABLE which is even better!  His e-mail is [email protected] if you'd like to contact him!
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    lol are pretty convincing. Now I really want to just book him. THANKS!! I'll send an email.
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    Haha.  I just searched and searched... and searched for a DJ and I love him.  I'd recommend him to anyone!  He's one of the best vendors that I have booked!
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    I definitely second Adam McAllister-I contacted him after mb2712 recommended him and he is WONDERFUL! I cant say enough good things about him!
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    Mixed-Up Productions hands down!  Mike Miller was awesome!  I have heard great things about the other DJ's with their company too! 
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    McAllister isn't an annoying DJ is he? Like NO cheesy chicken dance songs or games like that right? I just want a DJ to annonce things nicely and not be in your face..blend in the background but keep things moving. Also how is the speaker quality? I hate when DJs speakers are low quality.

    His prices are super good. Under $1000! 
    That's why I am asking so many questions because it seems like I'm dreaming...

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    You're not dreaming!  He is the perfect fit!  Just book him fast before he books your date... he's filling fast!  He will not play anything cheesy, and he will make your wedding perfect.  The music will not be an issue!!
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