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Workout Accountability: Monday

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Well, after my AW whoa-is-me post on Friday, I also managed to get in a car accident.  Everyone is okay, but seriously!?!?  It happened so quick, so we're still waiting to hear from the cops who wanted to check the camera to see who is at fault;  I don't even care if I'm liable, I just want this over and to get my car looking a little less ghetto at this point...  Plus, the guy I got into it with is now calling repeatedly, even though I gave him all of my info that he'd need-minus home address, which I would never give out to a stranger- and the rest is in the police report.  It sounds to me like he doesn't want to tell his insurance about the police report...sigh.

ANYWAY.  Eating was good but a bit too much on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm giving myself the week before I step back on the scale (plus, I'm sure the stress isn't helping.)  Working out is still on track, and this week will be the last intensive week for phase two.  Today is healthy eating, cardio x, and arms/back/abs.

How is everyone doing today?

Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • I am giving ourselves the week before we step back on the scales too, don't know what got into me....eating crap a lot of the weekend.  Back at it today.  When we weighed in Saturday morning, FI did lose over a pound, I went up 0.1 which is nothing really.  Better to maintain than gain.  We measured, FI lost over 2 inches in total since March and I lost well over 3 in total, including 2 on the hips :):) Although I really don't feel much of a difference in that area for some reason...but I'll take it!
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  • Lobsters happy to hear you are ok, not happy about the car. I hope they get that all straightened out soon. Car crashes are stressful business.

    Friday I took a rest day.

    Saturday I made it out to the trail by 6 am to put in a brick of 27 miles on the bike, and 4 mile run. The run was hot and horrible. It hit 105 degrees that day. Saturday evening I rehenna-d my hair though so it should look really nice for the wedding we're going to this weekend.

    Sunday I took kidlet to Brave, did house work, and then went to get sized for my dry and wetsuits for the 70.3. I'm the first XS they've had in the bottoms and they want me to measure but we think I'm going to be one of the few XS wetsuits they've done too. Bad news was that I have had a migraine for 4 days now last night's swim made me peak a cluster headache with it which made the swim last about 650 meters and I had to get out. Horrible almost went blind in one eye so I got out. Today is the 4th day of this headache it seems to finally be letting down, I think it was triggered by the really hot weather we've had.

    This is a down week for me in my training. No bricks just a long run saturday. I also am only working 3.5 days this week we're going on a short vacation at the end of the week. I do start my second class this week though so I'll be crunching on homework so I dont have to do it the 4 days we are in NY. I really want a vacation right now so no homework would be nice. I always run and swim on vacation, I prefer to not do work though.

    Today I'm going to put my bike on the trainer and ride this evening. I'm looking forward to knocking some dust out of my legs. Ticker
  • Wow Lobsters!!  I'm glad you're ok, and I hope it all gets taken care of quickly.

    Dewinged, I hope you feel better!

    Saturday was a rough day eating, as my family got together, but it was nice to see them.  Yesterday I did well with eating and got in 20 minutes on the treadmill.  My mom and I went shopping for her dress for the wedding, so that was nice to spend time with her.  I tried on my wedding dress twice on Saturday because I got a bra finally to wear with it.  I am so upset with the know the strapless back roll?  I'm hoping the seamstress can help me fix the problem.  I don't want to look like I'm trying to fit into a dress that's too small.
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  • Hey guys!

    Lobsters..Seriously? your luck has got to change soon!
    Dewinged, I hope to have half of your physical fitness and half of your motivation some day. how do you find time to sleep?

    As for the other crap eaters, I'm with you...this weekend was tough!  friday I drank like 6 cans of strongbow....oops and food while not terrible junk was just stuff I usually only eat in moderation like cheese and GF crackers, peanut butter that kind of stuff..scale was up 2 pounds today..fingers crossed its water.

    Gym tonight for Spin, I decided to totally drop zumba, I wasn't enjoying it much then I got mocked by other girls-I dont need that plus I get a much better/harder workout when I spin.

    take care girls
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  • Glad you're ok Lobsters, that guy shouldn't be contacting you at this point.  Everything should be going through your insurance companies, and he doesn't get a choice of whether or not to tell his about the police report!  What a dunce.

    On Saturday H and I walked 3 miles, and on Sunday we did a little lap swimming for about 40 minutes.  Today will be a rest day because I have a long day at work and then I need to get groceries after work. 

    Have a good day, everyone!

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  • Lobsters, this is going to be your week. It has to be.

    I had a pretty bad weekend. Friday was date night and I didn't go too crazy with the food, but I did have a fair amount of didn't make it to class Saturday morning. Sunday is rest day because of work.

    I ate really poorly, as in not enough. Both weekend days I ate only breakfast and one meal when I got home from work around 8pm. We're going through some position changes at work and it was my last weekend at my current job. To make a long story short, to keep someone else from quitting and because they don't have the balls to fire another one, I'm getting the shaft. I basically got a raise to be demoted. So I guess I was really down about it and didn't feel like eating.

    But I'm back on track this morning, tris and shoulders at the gym and a two mile run.
  • Souptin I try to go to bed by 10 every night. Sometimes I just end up passing out by 9 though particularly on FI couch many a movie has been ruined by my falling asleep.

    Zero sorry to hear about the work situation. Are you considering looking elsewhere? Ticker
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    Awwww lobsters! That sucks! Glad to hear you are ok. I know what you mean about the car. Ugh! Hope they get back to you soon.

    This weekend I set out to eat really well and then did not lol. I had a house warming party to attend for my MOH on Saturday and a bridal shower for a friend of mine on Sunday. I did work out Saturday, got in 3.25 miles and lifted at the gym. Then I had way too many beers and cookies at this house warming party! I have never ever been a sweets person but the last few months if there is a dessert table I can't help myself. I dont know what is wrong with me. Sunday I probably did ok at the bridal shower even though there was not much healthy food. But without tracking it, it's hard to say. This weekend is my bridal shower so I better keep my eating in check so I can have a cupcake!
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  • Morning all!

    I wish we could figure out a way to take all our healthy eating with us to parties/cookouts/showers, etc. They seem to be tough for all of us!

    We had a grad party Saturday so eating was out the door with the delicious catered food. I think the mac n cheese was my downfall, it was AMAZING. Yesterday we did some DIY stuff for the wedding, eating was great all day until we ordered pizzas for dinner. By the time we ate I was completely starving and ate way more than I normally would have. Exercising has been all sorts of off lately with this heat, hoping to get back on track today :)
  • I actually did OK this weekend. I tried on bridesmaids' dresses for my friends' wedding. She has lost alot herself so eating out healthy with her was great. We did Ruby Tuesdays and got the side trio with all healthy sides and the salad bar. Not alot of protein, but we left full. We also walked around the mall a few hours. When I got back Saturday night, FI was still working on fixing his broken work truck until 10PM. He was starving when finished and really wanted to go to Miller's Ale House. It was super crowded when we go there, so we ended up at a 50's burger and shake type place. I was pretty good though. I had a small chicken nuggests, a small portion of fries and a few sips of his milkshake. He was nice and supportive and let me have a bit of his food so I was not tempted to order a larger portion of my own. I made it under my calorie count by keeping my portions low.

    Sunday I worked on the property for our business all day and earned so extra calories and was able to stay under as well.

    Dewing - So sorry to hear about your headache. I get mirgaines which are also reall aweful. It's hard to keep eating or fitness on track with a headache. Hope you feel better.
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  • Glad you're ok, Lobsters! o.O

    Souptin- I'm sorry to hear you dropped Zumba, those stupid mean girls, gah.  But if spinning works better for you, more power to you! :)  I don't think I could survive a spinning class ;) I'd be one of those people gasping for air trying to drag myself out of the room by my fingertips because I couldn't stand up, or as a result, get off the floor ;D

    So I finally get the Wii up and running, I've lost no weight in the last couple of weeks, well nothing that couldn't instantly be replaced by drinking an 4oz glass of water ;p  Even with the moving and all that exercise, nothing.  I took my measurements this morning, my hips in theory went down a half an inch, my midsection got bigger... by an inch  -.-  I have a theory.  I hardly ate when we were moving.  Not intentionally, it was just too hot, too much stress, too much to do, and a few days ago I felt pretty good about my appearance (after having a HORRIBLE self image day the previous day). Well, apparently my body has  been trying to get me to consume the calories I missed out on because i was starving the last couple of days and doing almost no exercise with my mom being in town. And I did drink a lot of soda this weekend, far more than I usually do in probably two weeks (I was craving sweet), so it's back to water to flush out that bloat. I'm not happy. 

    So I put in my half hour on the Wii, "ran" 1.45 miles in 10 minutes, I was pretty proud of that.  Its just jogging in place but I wasn't dying so it was good (I've never been a runner). Did the hula hoop thing for six minutes, the basic step for a few, then I ended it with some fun balance games because my back was starting to hurt from the hula ;p  I'll be doing more unpacking today so that's a little bit more as well.
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  • In Response to Re:Workout Accountability: Monday:[QUOTE]Souptin I try to go to bed by 10 every night. Sometimes I just end up passing out by 9 though particularly on FI couch many a movie has been ruined by my falling asleep. Zero sorry to hear about the work situation. Are you considering looking elsewhere? Posted by dewingedpixie[/QUOTE]

    Not yet. H is testing for his sommelier certification in September. Hopefully that will open some doors for him and maybe then I can entertain the idea of new work. I can stick it out for awhile at least.
  • Lobsters glad you're ok Dewing very impressive training for the tri in the heat Food has been pretty bad for me since the 4th lots of picnics, eating out, wine , etc. back on track this week. FI and I have mapped out dinners for the week and they are all healthy. We've started our hiking training for the honeymoon on Saturday we did a 6 mile hike with 500 ft elevation gain. The plan is to get at least 1 hike in a week between now and then.

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  • This weekend was pretty crappy.  My mom put our family dog to sleep (she was 17) while I was away at FI's family's camp.  I did okay with the stress eating, I suppose, but I was hot and upset and had ice cream and lots of bread.  Meh.

    Today though, I got up early, walked the 2 miles downtown to my gym, did some spinning for 25 minutes, and then lifted a bit.  I feel great now!  
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  • Er - That's terrible, I'm so sorry you and your family had to go through that.  :(  Lots of thoughts and prayers

    To the multitudinous number of injuries/bumps and bruises/etc - I hope you guys start feeling better soon!

    Also, thanks for the well wishes you guys.  Still waiting for the stupid insurance guy to call.
  • This weekend was sort of "meh" for eating and working out.

    Friday I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of weightlifting and 45 minutes on the treadmill (just enough of a walking pace to get my heartrate up, but not so much that I was dripping sweat), but then for dinner we ordered a thin crust chicken/bacon/ranch pizza and I ate 4 pieces because I was starving! Food fail there.

    Saturday I got 25 minutes on the stairmaster and 35 minutes on the elliptical. Food was "so so" for the day, stayed under my calories but totally had some frozen yogurt (at least it's not full fat ice cream I suppose).

    Yesterday I went shopping with a friend and we went to something like 30 different stores looking for shoes for her. Ended up getting 10,000 steps in just with that activity! I also found 2 new pairs of shoes for myself in the process (couldn't resist after looking at hundreds of shoes with her!). Stayed under my calories, but while we were at costco she wanted to get one of those berry sundaes and I cracked and got one too (390 calories! Yikes) - I feel guilty having had frozen yogurt two days in a row.

    Hoping to make it to the gym tonight and go to the body combat class to mix things up.
  • This weekend sucked for me. My lil one had a stomach bug which I caught. I haven't really eaten anything but ice cream lol. Then my crazy FI dislocated his knee while playing basketball. Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a couple of days, I'm still scared to eat! The temp is going down this week (in the 80s) so I can start back walking.
  • Sorry to hear about your accident Lobster! Glad you're okay.
    Hope you feel better soon Dewinged. Migraines really are paralyzing.

    Had a great weekend! It was only okay food wise, but it was a lot of fun.

    Friday night we did have pizza, but FI and I figured out how to avoid me overindulging. We just order a small now (6 little pieces) and each eat three. It works out to the equivalent of each having 2 medium pieces of pizza - and neither of us will eat the others and then there's no leftovers - no pizza left there taunting you... begging you to eat it... and then we order a salad too so that we can finish up with that. It works out well! Not sure why the idea never came about before.

    Attempted running with the doggie on Friday night, but he was too hot after a measly 2km. So we walked the rest of the 1.5 home. Still some exercise though!

    Saturday was FI's birthday, so we got up early to go golfing, then we ran a couple of errands, I did laundry while he went to the driving range with a friend (he loves golf obviously) and then we had a tropical themed birthday party for him at my mom's house. Didn't go too overboard here, but did still eat a piece of birthday cake and the delicious steak, potato salad and cauliflower with cheese sauce that was made.. Not a particularly well rounded meal, but certainly a delicious one.

    Yesterday we went out to the lake nearby for some boating, kneeboarding and tubing with some friends, it was lots of fun but MAN am I sore today! I work a 1-9 shift today, so I think after work I'll go out for a run. It'll be too hot beforehand, might be down to 25 by 9:00 if I'm lucky! Unfortunately the sun won't set until about 10:20 so it won't cool down too much until after that. And I do NOT want to go running at 10:30 at night, lol.

    Sorry this turned into a novel. Have a great day everyone!
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  • I was fairly decent about eating over the weekend.  I spent far too much time sitting around on Friday afternoon, but it was marathon karaoke (2-8pm).  I brought healthy snacks and then got a healthy dinner afterwards.  Go me! :)  
    Saturday I managed to get a healthy dinner at IHOP after signing the contract for the florist. 
    Sunday I spent over an hour sitting at a starbucks reading for class.  I had an unsweetened passion tea lemonade and a chicken and hummus bistro box.  Then I went to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the arc trainer then some lower body strength.
    Today, I have to read two more chapters for class tomorrow, and am eating dinner out with a friend.  I already know what I'm having based on the less than healthy menu options.  

    According to my plan, I should be a the gym today for cardio and upper body strength.  However, I overdid it on Wednesday and my arms are only just now getting back to normal.  I was unable to fully extend my arms due to pain in my forearms and elbows until yesterday/today.  I'm going to spend my afternoon doing work and might go to the gym for cardio on my way home from dinner.  On Wednesday, I'll do my upper body instead.  I don't want to reinjure myself.
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  • Hi!

    This weekend was good with exercise since got really good workouts in with insanity both days but food wasn't so great yesterday. I went to the fair and ended up having way to much fried food that sounded good at the time but after having been avoiding it for so long it made me feel yuck.

    I didn't get up to do insanity this morning since was up late skyping my fiancee but am hoping to get it in between work and class tonight and keep my eating really good this week.

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  • Hi there everyone!

    Lobsters, sorry about your car accident but good to know you are okay!

    This weekend I tried on my dress....well the sample of my dress. The sample was a bit bigger than the dress I ordered but I am happy to know that the dress was very loose on me.

    I concluded my first week without soda not even a sip of it and I want to continue to kick my soda habit out of my system. I did very well when it came to my meals this weekend since all my proteins were grilled, with a large amount of veggies, and a small amount of starch. My salads were not drowned in the vinagerettes since I had order them on the side.

    I didn't work out this weekend because my back, arms, and shoulder were too sore. However, today I will be working out.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Workout Accountability: Monday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Gym tonight for Spin, I decided to totally drop zumba, I wasn't enjoying it much <strong>then I got mocked by other girls</strong>-I dont need that plus I get a much better/harder workout when I spin. take care girls
    Posted by souptin[/QUOTE]

    <div>Whaaaaaat!! I feel like this violates some sort of Zumba code. Boo on those girls. I do miss spin though, I definitely felt like it was a harder workout than zumba.</div><div>
    </div><div>Weekend we did pretty good eating well (did splurge on pizza Friday night), got a good treadmill run in yesterday followed by weights but my ring was bothering me and I didn't want to take it off at the apartment gym :\ </div><div>
    </div><div>Going to go for another run tonight (but if it's still hot, will have to be on the treadmill again). </div>

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Hi All!  Long time stalker, first time poster!  I just want to tell all of you that you are amazing and keep me super motivated!  I look forward to reading the accountability posts everyday! :)

    This weekend was on point for exercise, finished week 1 of the 30 Day Shred on Friday.  FI was there to witness the awkwardness .... Saturday was a rest day.  Went to a friends house for a cookout.  Tried to be good, chose to only have a smoothie for breakfast and hold out till we got there.   Thought I was doing good till I met up with the scale on sunday after spin class.  Same weight for the last month, despite drastic physical changes in my body.  I guess that's a win, right? ;)

    Back on schedule this morning after a mini vaca .... 545 up for Day 7 of the the shred!

    Thanks for all the motivation ladies :)
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Workout Accountability: Monday</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Workout Accountability: Monday : Whaaaaaat!! I feel like this violates some sort of Zumba code. Boo on those girls. I do miss spin though, I definitely felt like it was a harder workout than zumba. Weekend we did pretty good eating well (did splurge on pizza Friday night), got a good treadmill run in yesterday followed by weights <strong>but my ring was bothering me and I didn't want to take it off at the apartment gym :\</strong>  Going to go for another run tonight (but if it's still hot, will have to be on the treadmill again). 
    Posted by sarahdactyI[/QUOTE]

    I have the same problem when I lift! When we first got engaged, I would always take my ring off to workout but now I just take it off to do weights or when I swim...

    Lobsters: So sorry about the car accident! Hope it all works out.

    My weekend was...pretty good up until Sunday night! Rest day on Friday, 4.5 mile long run on Saturday and I tried BodyPump for the first time on Sunday. WOW! Loved it! I am super sore today and with what I've been doing for weights lately, I'm never I am pretty excited!

    Then on Sunday mom brought home LuckyBoy (luckily she got me a garden burger, but she got ONION RINGS...I couldn't resist. Boo!) I am also frustrated by my plateau (which I wrote about in another post.)

    I tried to tell myself that I was going to be really strict this week...but I already had a couple of handfuls of m&ms. Argh!
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