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Any brides had/having a Hampton NY Wedding ...Help please! ?

I'm not engaged yet , but me and the SO are very open with discussing planning even though we are not officially engaged .... Just wanted to get some insight on some of you brides who may be experiencing this or have experienced this ...

The SO and I had originally decided that a destination wedding would be the best option since we are looking to have a small intimate wedding with minimal cost.... Now since looking at cost etc and with my taste it doesn't look like a destination wedding will work (flights alone for the both of us will be about 2500K peak season, we also want to be mindful of the pockets of our guest who would have to travel also) ... We are in the process of potentially buying a home and we rather put our money in our  future home, and settle for a more low key wedding in NY ... We are looking into renting a home  either beach front or lake in the Hamptons and the pricing on renting a house is looking good for a wedding so far ...

If some of you brides have been thru this before i.e planned, planning , etc and have ideas ( I would love to see some pics and please  add overall cost of what you spent or spending for your special day) :-) appreciate the help and advice Ladies ! Thank you :

Re: Any brides had/having a Hampton NY Wedding ...Help please! ?

  • You are not even engaged yet, relax, chill, enjoy this time together. You do not need to start making wedding plans right now, things could change between now and then.
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  • LOL ! I got you ... The thing is we are getting married in Spring 2013 we are looking at March is why I'm asking around ... if you knew me on a personal level then you would certainly know that I'm chilling and relaxing with my SO ( btw he has asked ME to start planning) ... I just need advice not someone to tell me what i'm already doing ;-) , and btw i have enjoyed  him for about  3.5 yrs now and we also live together ...thanks for your concern :-)
  • if you know the cost associated with the rental of a house already that's great. but the real costs will be outside catering, drinks, probably you'll ahve to provide insurance for the event and the home if they're not insured for that etc... not many lakes in the hamptons either.  but there are plenty of lakes up by you upstate. have you considered renting a house up there? in the end it will be cheaper for you and the guests-especially the guests if they live near you. hotels in march in the hamptons are pretty slim-a lot of places close for the season.

    but the date you're choosing is only 5 months away. did you mean march 2014 perhaps?

    since you're 'potentially' buying a house i'd probably hold off until you can determine a firm budget to start shopping. the rental houses aren't going anywhere. and get engaged first :)


  • Yeah I actually did think of that ... and the house in HV are actually around the same cost which I thought like you would be cheaper .. but not really ... we have figured out a budget that will work for both home and wedding so thats set ... I just was looking for inspiration (decor ideas etc)  and what some ppl may have spent overall on an intimate style wedding in those locations  ... my family that will attend and his family will drive to either Hamptons or Hudson I just didn't want to add extra air travel cost ... we figured since it will be just us might as well do it here small simple but still beautiful and our taste... I actually know when I will be getting my ring its purchased and everything ( my SO just still wants it to be speacial) ... It actually  is a fun process for me to do both... and since he was the one who said WE should start planning is why i'm asking around ... Thanks for the feedback :-)
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    So you're not engaged yet but you are looking to get married in 5 months? If so, what is he waiting for? You don't really have a lot of time at this point....considering too most dresses take longer than 5 mos to even come in. Regardless, it's not my place to judge your relationship, just wanted to let you know you need to get moving if you're looking @ March 2013.

    As Ali said, yeah the Hamptons doesn't have a lake, there's enough beachfront stuff but it's going to be very expensive and cold for March if you're having the ceremony outside on the beach. Is the reception being held at the house? What's the plan for music? you will probably need a noise permit too if you are having a DJ or band play at the houae.

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  • yeah thats the thing i'm not so concerned about he ring ( he just wants the opportunity to present it in a special way but we're still planning... I know its werid but b/c we kind of both been thru engagements before this time we're not following tradition LOL)  ... I know about the dress shopping etc and not too worried about that b/c i'm not looking to get anything that will take that long maybe a sample sale or something ... this wedding will be truly a small immediate family event nothing crazy at all  ... I just was thinking more of a beautiful relaxing ceremony dinner in the house type around a beautiful setting like the Hamptons or HV ... I know there aren't many lakes in the hamptons ( i was actually suppose to take that out as i posted this same thing but for HV on another site ... there are lots up lakes up there) ... trust me i'm moving since this post i've actually go in contact with a few ppl from the hamptons and HV ... like I told other post i was looking maybe more for inspiration ideas decor etc ( i prob should have specified that right LOL) ... but thank you ladies i appreciate the feedback

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