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Inspirational Mondays

Write something that has inspired you in the past week. (: 

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    This board.  You ladies seriously ROCK!!

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    Any and all God created. Each one is a masterpiece. :)

    I'm married!! As of May 1st, 2011. :)

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    This board does inspire me too!!! hehe. 

    My FMIL and FSIL went to an amazing women dream interpretation workshop last week and came back completely renewed by the Holy Spirit. it was AMAZING!!!

    they got soooo much prayer and impartation..and came home and gave it to all of us. 

    My FMIL prayed for me and it was just soo amazing! oh! God is good! She prayed that God would open my ears to His voice and that the voice of the enemy would be silenced! That the lies of the enemy would not penetrate me and that they would go in one ear and out the other. She prayed for the season i am currently in and the season i will be in (when FI gets home and we are getting to know eachother again). She prayed that FI would pursue my heart in a new way and that we can see eachother through God's eyes and that we would start fresh and not hold records of wrong in our past. it was remarkable! i cried and just FELT a shift! 

    i am feeling confident, awake, and alive.  When before i was feeling stressed with FI coming home and what it was going to be like. The enemy was trying to tell me lies that he would go back to how he was and that we would struggle again...even with areas that we have breakthrough in. It was soo perfect that my FMIL prayed for all the things she did! (:

    God is soooo good and loving and faithful! 
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    I've been listening to Gungor a lot lately. These lyrics really reminded me that God's with me no matter what is going on.

    "I've wandered at heaven's gates, I've made my bed in hell. You were there still. Always faithful, always good, You still have me, You still have my heart. You have me, You have me. You have my heart completely."
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    My Bible study inspired me to think about the way I act, and to make sure I stay the same person always (It was about not being two-faced and authentic).
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    I was inspired to work out two times today - does that count?  Smile
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    It's more of amazed but still...I am amazed/inspired by how God has used me at my job. I'm sad to leave it but God has shown the potential for better things through what He has taught me at of all places Taco Bell
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    I borrowed my mom's cd's from Keith and Kristyn Getty, and popped one in the CD player, and it was a Charles Billingsley CD (from Thomas Road Baptist Church)!!!!  I have been ROCKIN out to some GREAT praise and worship songs in the car the past couple of days.  And during my 2nd planning period at work today, I rocked out to some Keith and Kristyn Getty from youtube.  I'm SO glad I can get youtube on my school computer.  Seriously, I don't think I'd make it without it!!  

    My favorite tune of the week is "Days of Elijah" (here is a link!)
    (this is the Twila Paris version) - I've been rockin out to Charles Billingsley but I can't find a link online besides my wedding website, and I don't want to put crazy personal info about the wedding on here ... :-) 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Inspirational Mondays</a>:
    [QUOTE]I was inspired to work out two times today - does that count?  
    Posted by iamjoesgurl[/QUOTE]

    <div>YES!  If I work out once a week that's pretty amazing... kudos to you!! (or maybe not kudos, maybe a glass of water?) :-) </div>
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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