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Happy New Year

lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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just wanted to say happy New Year. DH and I are 18 miles from our new home city of Indianapolis. We will ring in the new year at my parent's condo. We will stay here for a few weeks until we find a place to live. Stay safe.

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Re: Happy New Year

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Happy New Year to Lynda, Liatris, and all!
  • Happy New Year and enjoy your new hometown.

    What's everyone doing?  As usual, we are staying in.  DH will agree to go out to an early dinner but he won't be on the roads when it gets later.  We have 3 teenage boys who will be xboxing with their online Canadian friends and eating whatever I shovel down the basement stairs.

    The geniuses are outside building a fire in the fire pit.  We have snow, it is 33 degrees right now, and they feel the need to build a fire and make smores'.  They better make me one with a peppermint patty or I am locking them out!  It is harmless and they aren't causing any trouble but for boys on the Quiz Bowl team they aren't looking too bright right now.
  • Happy new year.  Good luck with your move Lynda.  We're heading out at some point to see if we can get some dinner.  Then we're going to see a movie later.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I am staying in. My husband is in PA working, and I actually start my tutoring job tomorrow, so I'm just having a quiet night to myself. Happy New Year, ladies!
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  • Happy New Year everyone!! Have a safe and fun night! We're party hopping, and i'm going to try not to hover over my incubator tonight. Got some baby chickens hatching!
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  • I'm staying in but drinking heaily. Happy New Year all :)
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  • Happy new year! Kynd, are y'all leaving NOLA?
  • Happy New Year! We are staying in and making a great meal: NY Strip, risotto, and steamed lobster! I'm halfway through my glass of Malbec and we'll open some sparkling around 11 while we watch a movie. Lynda, best wishes for starting in your new digs!
  • Aw Stage - first off, hope you feel better, and secondly, I'm so sorry about your friends.  I can see why you would dread a holiday like NYE.  I'm really sorry.
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