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Color help!!!!!!!!!!

We are having our wedding on December 22. We had originally planned with going with blue white and black.. I had seen the dendrbium (sp?) orichids... I LOVED the blue and purple... so fiance and I started to talk and wanted to add purple in. We had thought of going with black table clothes and chair covers.. a purple runner and blue/teal christmas balls in a vase with some bling on it. My mom thinks its too much and I should only add purple the trees and bouquets(flowers). We are doing spray painted white trees with lights everywhere and I had wanted to do blue and purple flood lights behind the head table as the decor and then the rest of the walls would just have blue flood lights... I am just so lost and mixed up now I have no idea what to do... Advice and opinion is greatly appreciated. 

Re: Color help!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't think it is to much. Just adding it in with the trees and bouquets may make it seem like it was just an after thought if your going to add purple I would try to integrate it into other parts of your decorations. 
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    Same day and same colors! :) My purple is just going to be a small accent though since I'll be adding silver in there also. I think that color combo with blue and purple will be beautiful no matter how much purple you use.
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